Magelys is designed for nationwide and international routes, tourist coach transport, shuttle and VIP clubs transport. It is a new coach which will rouse your appetite to set out on a journey in utmost comfort and safety.


  • New HVAC system
    (Heating-ventilation – air-conditioning)
  • Tailor-made solution


  • New integrated LED lights
  • Roof with wide glazed arches offer vast panoramic view


  • Modern active and passive safety features LDWS and ACC
  • Advanced emergency braking system


  • HI-SCR modern driveline
  • Two systems to reduce NOx emissions
  • Increased efficiency of lower-consumption engine


Magelys builds on the success of its predecessor, Magelys Pro. Its invaluable features make every trip an unforgettable experience.

The spacious, illuminated interior and onboard passenger entertainment system provide maximum comfort for both the driver and passengers. Distinctive premium features form an integral part of the top-of-the-range equipment.

The innovative style and design includes new lighting and incorporation of LED lights. A high standard of travel is provided by a combination of technical features and technologies, such as optimized thermal comfort and its adjustment. New Magelys allows customers to reduce the layout to 30 luxury seats comparable to the best seats used for VIP clubs transport.

Magelys is offered in two lengths: 12,2 m and 12,8 m (also available with a ramp and a dedicated space and door for disabled persons).

Make life of your passengers and their travels pleasant. Welcome them aboard a Magelys: the winner of the Coach of the Year 2016.



The quality of its equipment, low maintenance requirements, fuel saving HI-SCR technology and optimum price-to-quality ratio also contributed to this outstanding achievement. 

Magelys datasheets and brochures

  • Magelys Line
    • [PDF] Magelys 12.2 m / 12.8 m for tourist transport
  • Magelys Pro
    • [PDF] Magelys 12.2 m / 12.8 m for tourist transport
  • Magely Lounge
    • [PDF] Magelys 12.2 m / 12.8 m for tourist transport
  • Product brochure
    • [PDF] Magelys

Sale and after-sales of the Magelys product range

  • Sale of the Magelys range
    • Our dealers are abundantly experienced in their field and territory, they understand the world of transport more than anyone else.
  • After-sales of the Magelys range
    • IVECO BUS has a sophisticated structure of specialized services and after-sales with the support of 2,000 service points in Europe.
  • Non-stop assistance
    • IVECO assistance services are available 24/7 on a free info-line.
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