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European Space Agency

IVECO BUS and the European Space Agency (ESA) sign a Memorandum of Intent to leverage space applications to accelerate the roll-out of sustainable mobility solutions

IVECO BUS, a brand of Iveco Group, leader in the development and manufacturing of sustainable solutions for people transportation, has announced the signing of a Memorandum of Intent with the European Space Agency (ESA) to explore how satellite applications and space technologies can facilitate the development of new products and services which will accelerate the roll-out of more sustainable mobility.

Vénissieux, 3rd October 2023

The Memorandum of Intent (MoI) signed between IVECO BUS and the European Space Agency (ESA) is aimed at fostering and supporting the development of innovative space-based applications.

The MoI will also foster cross-industry collaboration with a range of stakeholders in the automotive sector and beyond. Together they will explore opportunities for space-based applications to support the transport industry as it transitions towards an increasingly green, inclusive and sustainable future.

Through this partnership with ESA, IVECO BUS will leverage the significant role that satellite technologies and data play in the evolution of people transport and in meeting the growing demand for efficient and reliable services from operators and passengers.

As a first step of the cooperation, IVECO BUS is cooperating with ESA on the ‘’Space for Infrastructure’’ initiative providing a variety of use cases on topics such as the availability of refueling stations for users of Fuel Cell Vehicles as well as spaceenabled solutions for Demand Responsive Transport and Route Optimization.

Domenico Nucera, President of the Bus Business Unit at Iveco Group, said: “The people transport sector is evolving fast and space-based applications have an important role to play in supporting the energy transition of our industry. We are confident that the MoI with the European Space Agency will generate opportunities for us to further accelerate the roll-out of sustainable mobility technologies and services. At IVECO BUS, we are constantly investing in advanced technologies and establishing strategic partnerships with leaders such as ESA to keep pushing the boundaries, maintain our competitive edge and consolidate our leading position in the passenger transport sector.”

Rita Rinaldo, Head of the Projects & Studies Implementation Division at ESA Space Solutions, said “Our vision of a sustainable, green future for mobility underscores the necessity for collective action and we look forward to a fruitful cooperation with IVECO BUS for the roll-out of innovative space-based applications in the mobility sector. We are confident that space assets and data, together with digital platforms and autonomous systems, can enable the emergence of innovative sustainable services and new business models to the benefits of a large ecosystem of industrial players and user