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Bus Design Center

There is a unique facility in Vysoké Mýto, where customers themselves can test various bus control devices and their arrangement, examine and choose interior materials and thus configure their own customized bus.

Customer care is our priority.

Personal experience is invaluable. Therefore we opened the Bus Design Center in 2015, which allows our customers to be in immediate contact with our buses and people who have been creating them for generations.

Bus Design Center in Vysoké Mýto displays models of parts of buses and technical solutions or interior features like seats and their upholstery. Customers thus can see drawings and visualizations at one place, touch concrete materials and designs, test individual features and change their arrangement.

Buses are very complex products, there are hundreds of possible combinations of the features and materials in the interior equipment and it may be difficult to find the ideal solution. Thanks to Bus Design Center it is possible to satisfy customers at the most and explain to them advantages of the offered solutions on the spot. Even for the manufacturer it is useful to learn the complete specification as soon as possible, because thus it is possible, among others, to prepare the manufacture process perfectly in cooperation with suppliers.


Bus Design Center is like a living catalogue. Its principle aim is to support customers naturally, comfortably and reliably when selecting and creating definitions of our buses down to the utmost details.

Everything at one place, new modern materials, functional millions of km, both proven and new modern technical solutions. Thanks to the ingeniously elaborated mutually communicating system of physical specimens and virtual instruments, the order of an IVECO bus becomes an efficient job and fun at the same time.

Customer, when leaving, must be fully convinced that he/she has made a great choice and got everything he/she had expected. He/she leaves with materials which summarize his/her order in a way that allows him/her to present it to his/her colleagues.