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Busworld 2023

IVECO BUS makes strong statement about sustainability on its zeroemission stand at Busworld 2023

IVECO BUS showcases its comprehensive portfolio of sustainable mobility solutions offering a choice of energy sources, dedicated services and technological innovations essential for the deployment of sustainable collective mobility on a global scale, affirming its expertise and leadership in this field.

IVECO BUS’s stand highlights the brand’s complete Zero Emission product offering and its expanded
offer of expert services.

The world premiere of the E-WAY H2, the brand-new fuel cell city solution, completes the IVECO BUS carbon-free range.

IVECO BUS unveils its brand-new logo and visual identity for the first time at the 2023 edition of Busworld.

IVECO BUS presents on its heavy bus models the adaptations made for the new ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) features compliant with the European General Safety Regulation, which will come into force in July 2024.

Vénissieux, 6 October 2023

At the Busworld international trade fair, which takes place in Brussels from 6 to 12 October 2023, IVECO BUS drives the road of change as a leader in sustainable public transport in Europe. It demonstrates its expertise in alternative energies and its technological innovation capabilities to support and accelerate the energy transition. Its multi-range and multi-energy approach, which is based on biomethane, battery electric and fuel cell technologies, enables it to offer turnkey integral mobility solutions to cover all passenger transport missions – urban, interurban, medium and long distance.

“Here at Busworld, we are clearly stating our ambition to lead the zero-emission market. We are backing up our words with tangible facts, beginning with our complete offering of alternative-drive solutions and the only full electromobility range on the market that covers all missions and comes with a complete electromobility ecosystem. We are demonstrating our ability to deliver complete turn-key solutions for every mission with our all-range, multi-energy strategy – leading the energy transition,” said Domenico Nucera, President, Bus Business Unit.

On the IVECO BUS carbon-free stand covering 1500 m2 (Nr 402B - Hall 4), visitors can discover 6 latest-generation vehicles developed to support transport operators in their deployment of electric mobility:

New E-WAY H2 12 m: world premiere of the new fuel cell electric bus developed in partnership with Hyundai Motor Company
New generation 12m E-WAY: battery-electric city bus with improved performance to meet the requirements of the most demanding missions.
STREETWAY ELEC: 12-metre-long electric city bus completes the range to meet the specific standards of European and non-European markets.
CROSSWAY LE ELEC 13 m: 100% electric low entry vehicle to support sustainable mobility projects in suburban areas
e-Daily minibus: a complementary 100% electric mobility solution contributing to the
decarbonization of transport
e-Daily chassis: a premium electromobility base for bodybuilders

The IVECO BUS stand also hosts corners dedicated to technology and expert services:
Energy Mobility Solutions, the brand’s new dedicated consulting team and expanded portfolio of products and services for the design and supply of tailored electromobility projects – an innovative electromobility business model to support transport operators through a smooth energy transition.
IVECO ON digital and connected services designed to optimize energy consumption and support fleet management.
IC.IDO, the new virtual prototyping software used by IVECO BUS to innovate in the development process of its vehicles.
Components from Partner companies, featuring the exclusive electric battery system developed by FPT Industrial and the hydrogen fuel cell from Hyundai Motor Company.

On the outside area, six IVECO BUS alternative-drive models ranging from full electric, natural gas and biomethane to hybrid, and compliant with the energy transition requirements, are also available for static presentations and test drives:
URBANWAY HYBRID CNG 18 m: this articulated bus compatible with biomethane combines hybrid technology and the benefits of natural gas.
CROSSWAY Low Entry CNG Hybrid: a low-emission mobility solution available in Class I for urban uses and Class II for suburban missions.
CROSSWAY LD: multipurpose vehicle for missions ranging from school and intercity transport to excursions.
EVADYS: coach designed to provide regional or national connections, shuttle services or mediumdistance
tourist missions.
E-WAY 12 m & 9.5 m offer the experience of riding on board full battery electric buses.

The vehicles and services developed by IVECO BUS meet the requirements of sustainable and responsible mobility. Efficient, clean and accessible, these solutions focus on the environment, and the well-being and health of people to provide a better quality of life for drivers, passengers and residents.

New ADAS functions & new styling

In a world premiere, IVECO BUS unveils its new identity, which symbolizes the capacity for innovation and renewal of this pioneering brand. The new logo maintains the strong personality of the original brand, born in 1975, which is reinterpreted in a more open and dynamic design with the new “energy blue” colour flash in the letter E. The energy of the new identity is also reflected in a redesign of the front end of the vehicles, which features full LED lights, a faired protection of battery on the roof for electric versions, and the brand’s signature with the new IVECO logo. The new style and identity are featured on all the heavy buses on display on the IVECO BUS stand at Busworld.

The new front face design also features the smart integration of the new ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) devices, which comply with the GSR (General Safety Regulation) regulation, ahead of its coming into force in July 2024.

Visual and audible alerts related to new ADAS functionalities are integrated into the dashboard, which features a new interface that facilitates navigation of the menu. The new ADAS devices on IVECO BUS vehicles include:

MOIS - Moving Off Info System, at the front of each vehicle, a short-range radar combined with a camera cover the entire frontal area to identify vulnerable road users approaching frontally and across the vehicle.

ISA - Intelligent Speed Assist: the front camera reads and recognizes urban area access and speed limit signs and cross-references this information with the vehicle’s GPS unit. If the speed limit is exceeded, light and sound indicators on the dashboard prompt the driver to adjust the speed accordingly. Finally, a twilight sensor automatically turns on the front lights.

BSIS - Blind Spot Info System, on the right side of the vehicle, 2 short-range radars allow the monitoring of side blind spots and alert if a pedestrian, a cyclist, or a mini scooter approaches the bus from the right side. This system is also available as an option on the left side. Information is sent to the dashboard with different visual and audible alert levels as well as on the LED bars located on each side of the windscreen.

TPMS - Tyre Pressure Monitoring, sensors on wheels provide real-time pressure measurements to the dashboard on a dedicated page and a buzzer is activated in the event of a fault.

REV - Reversing Detection, at the rear, a camera placed on the right side monitors the area behind the bus and warns of the risk of collision with a vulnerable road user. A screen located in the upper front panel slightly off-center or on the right side of the dashboard alerts the driver. It is also a very good support for maneuvers.

ESS - Emergency Stop Signal, emergency braking will be signalled by the automatic activation of emergency warning lights. The system is triggered by a sharp deceleration when the speed is over 50 km/h or if the ABS is activated.

DDAW - Driver Drowsiness Attention Warning, the vehicle features detection and alert functions.
The system evaluates the driver’s vigilance and driving style by analysing their actions on the steering wheel and trajectory drifts, and alerts them when necessary.

ALC - Alcohol Interlock Preparation, a standardized factory pre-set to facilitate the subsequent installation of a breathalyzer (standard in France).

Cyber security, electric and electronic control units are protected by a mechanical lock and with a software-type firewall called SECURE GATEWAY to protect on-board computer systems from accidental or malicious incidents.

ADAS specific devices will be available on every delivery from first quarter 2024.

IVECO BUS is supported by Iveco Capital, the captive financial services Brand of Iveco Group able to provide financial solutions able to address different business needs with tailored and dedicated bundle offers. For further information about Iveco Capital: www.ivecocapital.com

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IVECO BUS and Hyundai Motor Company unveil in world-premiere at Busworld in Brussels the E-WAY H2, a new fuel cell electric city bus
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New-generation E-WAY: electromobility in the most demanding missions
STREETWAY ELEC: a complementary solution for emission-free city transport
CROSSWAY LE ELEC: the 100% electric intercity vehicle to support sustainable suburban mobility
Energy Mobility Solutions: an integrated approach for a smooth transition to E-Mobility
IVECO BUS innovates its vehicle development process with IC.IDO virtual simulation