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Product range

A broad variety of IVECO BUS vehicles designed for city, intercity and long-distance passenger transport

Many years of bus manufacture have taught us what is the most important for our customers: RELIABILITY.

Every day, millions of people put their trust in our cars which transport them to work, to schools, to a doctor or just for a trip. Every day people are waiting at stops in Ivalo (Finland), Malaga (Spain), Surgut (Russia) or in Kavala (Greece). Throughout the year, in a variety of locations, in all weather, at temperatures between -30°C and +40°C, they believe that our cars will come for them.

This confidence obliges us to ensure that our vehicles stay flawless and tireless servants for many years. And these demands are the priorities of the entire construction and production.

A new product range

A complete range of vehicles for all needs of the world in motion.


The range of IVECO BUS city buses offers different lengths of vehicles with different engines and equipment, which meet the requirements of public transport operators and passengers through accessibility, environmental care and constantly increasing mobility.

[The E-WAY product range]


With its long-time experience in producing long-distance buses, IVECO BUS is recognized as one of the market leaders.

These vehicles combine optimal accessibility with passenger capacity and a spacious interior with better ergonomics that offer maximum comfort for both driver and passengers.

[The Crossway product range]
[The Crossway LE product range]


New Evadys is designed for regional and nationwide routes, airport transfers, organized tours and excursions. Thanks to its versatility it will become your perfect business partner.

It offers all the advantages of the best-selling range of intercity buses in Europe: extraordinary versatility, proven reliability and optimized profitability.

[The Evadys product range]More info


The Daily Minibus version has been completely redesigned to give it a whole new dimension in terms of comfort, style and performance.

With its innovative design it meets demands of customers; the new range of Daily minibuses enhances efficiency with a number of new features and offers a pleasant experience for both passengers and drivers.

[The Daily product range]