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Iveco Czech Republic, a. s.

We are a company with more than 125 years of tradition. We focus on development and manufacture of IVECO BUS buses.

IVECO BUS buses from Vysoké Mýto

In Vysoké Mýto we manufacture intercity buses and coaches which operate in over 30 countries all over the world.

We design, manufacture and sell a wide assortment of public transport vehicles which meet the most demanding requirements of public and private operators. In our production plant in Vysoké Mýto we focus on city and intercity IVECO BUS buses. Our most successful model, with more than 50,000 sold units, is Crossway which, due to its qualities, is favoured by customers all over Europe.

IVECO BUS is a modern brand which follows up with successes of the legendary Karosa buses and keeps on developing the Czech design tradition. The previous connections with the Renault and Irisbus brands helped us to gather precious experience which we can use now in other markets. Thanks to this unique know-how and continual innovation we set trends in today’s public transport.

95 years

of bus manufacture

128 years

since the company’s founding

most than 150,000

manufactured units

92% export

to cca 30 countries of the world

In 2022 we produced 4,767 buses. We rank among the most significant companies of the Czech Republic and we are an important employer in the region of Pardubice. About 3,900 employees are involved in the manufacture and we create another cca 1,700 jobs at our domestic providers.