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Designed with transport productivity in mind, Crossway Low Entry is a bus that performs perfectly in both city and intercity operations.



The Low Entry concept guarantees excellent accessibility for all passengers entering and exiting the vehicle.

The low floor between the front and middle doors allows for easy access for all passengers. Vehicles can be equipped with manual or electric ramps with a dedicated internal area for disabled persons. 

Crossway Low Entry can easily satisfy all customer needs in every passenger transport mission thanks to its versatility and the range of available versions.

The Crossway Low Entry range is versatile enough to accommodate different engine layouts, such as: Tector 7 for Diesel / HVO / XTL, Cursor 9 for Diesel / HVO / XTL, CNG or Biomethane and the new hybrid models, available in XTL renewable fuel and in Natural Gas versions.

Crossway Low Entry Natural Power

Crossway Low Entry 3 Axles



Market leader in Europe. Best experience.

1,000,000 km by range

Equivalent of 6,000,000 km on European Roads by range

1,600,000 km in real transport condition

The foundation for quality production.

Crossway datasheets and brochures

  • Product Brochure
    • [PDF] Crossway LE
  • Technical Datasheets
    • [PDF] Diesel City 10,8 / 12 / 13 m
    • [PDF] Diesel Line - 10,8 / 12 / 13 m
    • [PDF] Diesel City / Line - 14,5 m
    • [PDF] Natural Power City / Line - 12m
    • [PDF] Crossway Low Entry Hybrid 12 & 13m Natural Power
    • [PDF] Crossway Low Entry City Hybrid 10,8-12-13-14,5m, Diesel
    • [PDF] Crossway Low Entry Line Hybrid 10,8-12-13-14,5m, Diesel

Sale and after-sales of the Crossway product range

  • Sale of the Crossway range
    • Our dealers are abundantly experienced in their field and territory, they understand the world of transport more than anyone else.
  • After-sales of the Crossway range
    • IVECO BUS has a sophisticated structure of specialized services and after-sales with the support of 2,000 service points in Europe.
  • Non-stop assistance
    • IVECO assistance services are available 24/7 on a free info-line.
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