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Urbanway is a low-floor city bus of IVECO BUS designed for public transport in urban areas.


Performance, efficiency

  • EURO VI HI-SCR – unique technology
  • New engines Tector 7 and Cursor 9
  • Up to 800 kg less weight

Passenger compartment

  • New LED ceiling lighting
  • Efficient air-conditioning
  • New seats

Driver’s workplace

  • EBSF compliant
  • Temperature comfort
  • Optimized luggage compartment

Design, accessories

  • New LED lighting
  • Easy maintenance
  • Broad offer of BHLS accessories


Quite a new IVECO BUS city bus.

Urbanway features a high standard of both passenger and driver comfort, capacity, length options, propulsion system, internal layout and profitability.

The new, reinforced structure of the Urbanway vehicle is lighter, allowing for the integration of various engine types, such as the longitudinally mounted Tector 7 engine for Diesel and Hybrid versions, transversely mounted Cursor 9 for Diesel version, or transversely mounted Cursor 8 for CNG version.

Urbanway has a pleasant interior, smart and refined design with new lights and style. This new arrangement ensures the highest quality of comfort for both driver and passengers, with the best serviceability of the vehicle. The body is also equipped with new features such as a new type of headlights.

European Bus System of the Future


Everything in URBANWAY is designed for productivity: passengers and maintenance.

Urbanway datasheets and brochures

  • Urbanway Tector 7
    • [PDF] Urbanway 10,5 m Tector 7 Diesel E6
    • [PDF] Urbanway 12 m Tector 7 Diesel E6
  • Urbanway Cursor 8
    • [PDF] Urbanway 10,5 m Cursor 8 CNG E6
    • [PDF] Urbanway 12 m Cursor 8 CNG E6
    • [PDF] Urbanway 18 m Cursor 8 CNG E6
  • Urbanway Cursor 9
    • [PDF] Urbanway 12 m Cursor 9 Diesel E6
    • [PDF] Urbanway 18 m Cursor 9 Diesel E6
  • Urbanway Tector 7 Hybrid
    • [PDF] Urbanway 12 m Tector 7 Hybrid E6
    • [PDF] Urbanway 18 m Tector 7 Hybrid E6
  • Urbanway Hybrid High Value
    • [PDF] Urbanway 12 m Tector 7 Hybrid High Value E6
    • [PDF] Urbanway 18 m Tector 7 Hybrid High Value E6
  • Product brochure
    • [PDF] Urbanway
    • [PDF] Urbanway Full Hybrid

Sale and after-sales of the Urbanway product range

  • Sale of the Urbanway range
    • Our dealers are abundantly experienced in their field and territory, they understand the world of transport more than anyone else.
  • After-sales of the Urbanway range
    • IVECO BUS has a sophisticated structure of specialized services and after-sales with the support of 2,000 service points in Europe.
  • Non-stop assistance
    • IVECO assistance services are available 24/7 on a free info-line.
    • [more information]