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Crossway, designed for intercity and school transport, is a reliable universal hard worker. Its amazing qualities make it the best-selling intercity car in Europe.



  • Three lengths (10.8 m – 12 m – 13 m)
  • Broad variety of layouts

For drivers

  • Temperature comfort
  • Optimized luggage compartment


  • Modern style
  • Easy maintenance


  • The lowest operating costs in its class


More than 90 years of bus production experience have taught us what is most demanded from our vehicles. It is reliability.

Our Crossway buses represent the highest and most successful challenge in the world of public transport: carrying millions of people across Europe in a safe and comfortable environment, a high and reliable technological content at the best economic conditions in the market. Crossway is distinguished by fuel efficiency, longer service intervals, higher safety and many more enhancements.

In anticipating requirements for cleaner air and low-carbon mobility by introducing a newly designed CNG-powered Crossway coach, IVECO BUS is providing the right vehicle for sustainable regional transport.




Market leader in Europe. Best experience.

1,000,000 km by range

Equivalent of 6,000,000 km on European Roads by range

1,600,000 km in real transport condition

The foundation for quality production.

Crossway datasheets and brochures

  • Crossway LINE
    • [PDF] Diesel EURO VI - 10.8 / 12 / 13 m
  • Crossway POP
    • [PDF] Diesel EURO VI - 10.8 / 12 / 13 m
  • Crossway Natural Power
    • [PDF] Natural Power Line/POP - 12 / 13 m
  • EURO 6 - STEP E
    • [PDF] Crossway Line 10,8-12,1-13m
    • [PDF] Crossway POP 10,8-12-13m
    • [PDF] Crossway PRO 10,8-12-13m
  • Product brochure
    • [PDF] Crossway
    • [PDF] Crossway Natural Power

Sale and after-sales of the Crossway product range

  • Sale of the Crossway range
    • Our dealers are abundantly experienced in their field and territory, they understand the world of transport more than anyone else.
  • After-sales of the Crossway range
    • IVECO BUS has a sophisticated structure of specialized services and after-sales with the support of 2,000 service points in Europe.
  • Non-stop assistance
    • IVECO assistance services are available 24/7 on a free info-line.
    • [more information]