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A high-quality mobility involves a unique and distinctive identity perfectly provided by E-WAY which has been imagined to be a real place to live in the city.


Available both in standard and articulated versions, E-WAY has been designed to be operated in dedicated bus lanes in order to improve the journeys and the living environment of the city-dwellers and so offer a service close to what as can offer other conventional systems of public transport. 
Thanks to their different interior and exterior levels of customization, the E-WAY models are providing well-being and conviviality. They contribute to the image and attractiveness of urban transport.

The roof trim parts, the wheel covers, its lines are creating emotion. E-WAY is perfectly integrated in urban scenery.

On board, the multiple possibilities of materials choice and the custom-made arrangements upgrade the passengers compartment. The plunging shape of the instrument panel gives the driver an excellent visibility and improves the driving comfort.


E-WAY includes aesthetic and comfort properties for both passengers and driver. Its dynamic front side with a resolutely contemporary design, its wide windscreen with round volumes, its strong and reassuring style ensure faster and more reliable journeys. Thanks to its features, E-WAY perfectly meets the changing demands of urban mobility.


E-WAY technical datasheets and brochures

  • Product brochure
  • Technical Datasheets
    • [PDF] E-WAY 9,5 m
    • [PDF] E-WAY 10,7 m
    • [PDF] E-WAY 12 m
    • [PDF] E-WAY 18 m

Sale and after-sales of the E-WAY product range

  • Sale of the E-WAY range
    • Our dealers are abundantly experienced in their field and territory, they understand the world of transport more than anyone else.
  • After-sales of the E-WAY range
    • IVECO BUS has a sophisticated structure of specialized services and after-sales with the support of 2,000 service points in Europe.
  • Non-stop asistence
    • IVECO assistance services are available 24/7 on a free info-line.
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