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Crossway Low Entry Natural Power: A new wave of energy

With the launch of the Crossway Low Entry Natural Power, IVECO BUS completes its line of city and intercity buses while making new advances in the field of low-emissions transport.

Vysoké Mýto, 2017, October 19th

With the launch of the Crossway Low Entry Natural Power, IVECO BUS completes its line of city and intercity buses while making new advances in the field of low-emissions transport. With the launch of this new vehicle, the brand further positions itself as the partner of choice for sustainable transportation.


First presented in Kortrijk, Belgium, during the Busworld 2017 fair, the Crossway Low Entry Natural Power has been specially designed to rise to the challenges of city and intercity passenger transportation while also meeting environmental targets. While conserving the features that have ensured the Crossway line’s success since its launch – its operational profitability and versatility – this new version also offers all of the advantages of an alternative drive system.

A pioneer in alternative-drive buses who has already seen multiple successes with its hybrid and natural-gas models, IVECO BUS is now moving even further ahead by adapting its Crossway line to offer a Natural Power version.

IVECO BUS’ Natural Power line is a proven mobility solution that respects the environment, using natural gas and biomethane. It allows the manufacturer to offer options that are gentler on the environment and on public health. The line offers especially high performance with regard to pollutant and sound emissions reduction. With natural gas, fine particle emissions levels are reduced to nearly zero, and nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced by more than one third. The noise level is also reduced by half, offering exceptional operating silence for the driver, passengers and people nearby.

The line is also respectful of natural resources, as it is fully compatible with biomethane, made from organic waste. IVECO BUS’ vehicles therefore have an excellent carbon footprint and represent a concrete step towards the inevitable energy transition. The environmental benefits translate to greenhouse gas reductions of up to 95%. Other promising sectors, such as "Power to Gas", aim to produce synthetic methane using electrical energy from renewable sources such as wind or solar. This sector also provides storage and distribution throughout the network.

The Crossway LE Natural Power thus represents a wave of new energy in the city and intercity passenger transportation market, with four major categories of features.


Comfort and accessibility

True to its DNA, the Crossway LE NP has the same advantages in terms of handling, driveability, driver’s seat ergonomics, active and passive security (ABS, ASR, ESP, LDWS) and reliability. In its city model (Class I), it is offered in a standard 12m long version that can be equipped with two or three doors. It can hold up to 106 passengers while offering more seats in the direction of travel.

Thanks to the low floor in its front section and the first two doors, the Crossway Low Entry Natural Power is easily accessible for passengers entering and exiting the vehicle, due to its front and middle double doors (1,200 mm). A third door can also be installed in the rear, as well as an electric or manual ramp, with space inside for passengers with reduced mobility. A new line of more comfortable seats is also available to offer passengers a pleasant ride.

With regard to the driving position, the Crossway LE NP offers the driver superior comfort and increased security. It is ergonomic and accessible and offers excellent visibility. In addition, it is one of the best in terms of interior noise level and storage space. The automatic transmission, a standard feature on this model, offers exceptional driveability and comfort for the driver, which is especially appreciated when making frequent stops.

The driver station is also available with a VDV driver’s workspace, which has already been offered on the entire range for 3 years: the application of the VDV standard in the driver area allows him to always find all keys and commands in the same places. The main goal of this international standard is to offer exceptional comfort and security to the driver and passengers.


Smart Design

This environmentally-friendly vehicle has an especially clever design, namely due to the installation of compressed natural gas tanks in the roof. This exclusive feature – which has been patented by the brand – combined with the reinforced structure optimizes the vehicle’s centre of gravity for greater on-road stability and increased comfort for the driver and passengers.

This integration also gives the vehicle the lowest overall height on the market (3,210 mm). Of equivalent height to the air-conditioned diesel Crossway LE, the Natural Power line can be operated without issues caused by road infrastructure such as bridges or underpasses, just like the combustion vehicles already in operation.

In addition, this integration does not penalized the interior height, which remains identical to that of the Crossway (2,264 mm).

With a total capacity of 1,260 litres (4 315-litre tanks), the vehicle has a range of between
500 and 600 km depending on the type of use.

The CURSOR 9 diesel’s engine compartment, which is duplicated in the NP version, facilitates maintenance and, therefore, the operator’s work. This vehicle will be a welcome addition to carriers’ workshops and fleets. To ease the vehicle’s arrival, IVECO BUS reminds that it offers specific training modules for NGVs, including precautions for use, engine information and instruction on the use of NGVs.


Profitability and ease of operation

The Crossway Low Entry Natural Power offers the lowest total carrying cost in its class, with costs equivalent to an intercity vehicle but all the features of a city vehicle.

Equipped with a 360hp IVECO CURSOR 9 NP engine with 1,620 Nm torque, the Crossway LE NP is especially environmentally-friendly: it is powered with compressed natural gas, but can also run on biomethane.

Thanks to the new CURSOR 9 NP engine, fuel consumption costs are reduced and maintenance intervals are extended by over 50% compared to a diesel vehicle.

In anticipation of maintenance to be done on the tanks in the roof, the hood is composed of two parts that open wide for access to all components (visual inspection of the high-pressure piping, solenoid valve replacement, etc.), for simplified maintenance and significant time gains, while allowing for rainwater drainage.

The city version of the Crossway LE NP is displayed at the fair in Courtrai. It is equipped with three doors, two of which (the front and middle) are double (1,200 mm) and open inwards. It is equipped with 39 seats and can contain 92 passengers as a whole with the driver

An intercity (Class II) version of the Crossway Low Entry Natural Power will also be available.