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Daily Minibus Blue Power: the new clean range for limitless driving

The DAILY MINIBUS BLUE POWER range, composed by the Daily minibus Hi-Matic Natural Power and the Daily minibus Electric, is perfectly suited for city and suburban use.

Vysoké Mýto, October 19th, 2017 

The DAILY MINIBUS BLUE POWER range, composed by the Daily minibus Hi-Matic Natural Power and the Daily minibus Electric, is perfectly suited for city and suburban use. Thanks to these buses’ very low environmental impact, they can access city centres at any time, freeing transport operators from restrictions related to environmental regulations and representing an ideal addition to public transportation fleets. Thanks to its winning combination of technologies, low emissions and low environmental impact, high performance and efficiency, IVECO BUS’ Blue Power range is the perfect choice for environmentally-friendly transport.


Daily Minibus Blue Power: when sustainable transport becomes a reality

In the face of the current trend towards decarbonisation and increasingly tight restrictions on transportation in urban areas, environmentally friendly practices have become a competitive advantage for transport companies. Sustainable development, which has always been a key value for IVECO BUS, is now a reality thanks to alternative tractions, such as electrical and natural gas, developed by the brand.

Pioneers in these technologies for over 20 years, IVECO BUS has now reached the culmination of this work. The Blue Power offering, unique on the market, offers true freedom of choice between two technologies that meet the specific requirements of different missions (airport connections, shuttles, school transportation, etc.).

Thus, as a sustainable transport partner, IVECO BUS has recently launched its all-new BLUE POWER line of minibuses. These buses are a perfect extension to the line for passenger transport, as they are suitable for a wide range of uses: city and suburban shuttles, services for people with disabilities, school transportation, route service, etc.


Daily minibus Hi-Matic Natural Power 

For the first time, the Natural Power engine is combined with the exclusive Hi-Matic 8-speed automatic transmission. This combination offers a whole new dimension in passenger transport, making the Daily minibus Hi-Matic Natural Power the best in its class in terms of performance and respect for the environment.

In fact, it offers the perfect balance between respect for the environment – thanks to its Natural Power natural gas technology – and the utmost in driving pleasure – thanks to its automatic transmission.

It offers the same performance and reliability as a diesel vehicle, with enhanced comfort and fuel efficiency thanks to its very low pollutant and CO2 emissions. The significantly lower sound level – 4 dB less than the equivalent diesel engine – makes this vehicle remarkably clean and quiet, a major advantage in low-emission zones.

The Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power is based on the extensive experience of IVECO BUS, who has been producing natural gas innovations for over 20 years. It is equipped with a 3-litre 136hp engine with 350 Nm of torque, the best in its class. This engine is extremely rugged and guarantees higher torque and better handling, for optimum performance with no compromises.

The environmental performance of the Daily minibus Hi-Matic Natural Power is just as remarkable: its engine complies with the Euro 6/D standard, with 76% less fine particle emissions and 12% less nitrogen oxide emissions than a diesel engine, which already generates very low emissions. In real operating conditions in an urban context, the CO2 emissions of the CNG engine are 3% lower than those of the equivalent diesel engine. The application of Hi-Matic transmission to natural gas further improves this performance by extending the difference to 5%. In addition, when used with biomethane, CO2 emissions can be reduced even further, by up to 95%.

The Daily Hi-Matic Natural Power is also highly fuel-efficient. The lower price for compressed natural gas, when compared with diesel, results in a very competitive cost per kilometre. Indeed, when factors such as fuel price, engine efficiency and energy value are taken into account,  natural gas can generate cost savings of up to 35% in comparison with diesel. As such, it is an economically sustainable solution.


Daily minibus Electric

Launched in 2009 and continuously improved since, the Daily Minibus Electric has won many admirers thanks to its efficiency, versatility and complete respect for the environment, which extends all the way to 100% recyclable batteries.

The Daily Minibus Electric is a unique vehicle that can be driven even in cities with very strict traffic restrictions. This zero-emission minibus is ideal for city centres and shuttle services. It has a range of 100 or 160 km with two or three high-density sodium nickel chloride batteries combined with high-power ultracapacitors that improve the vehicle’s performance and battery life.

The regenerative braking system recaptures kinetic energy and converts it into electricity to recharge the traction batteries. The flexible charging mode, patented by IVECO, is composed of an electrical outlet and a single plug that can recharge from a domestic outlet in 24 hours, from a public or private outlet in 10 hours, or in a public rapid-charging station in 2 hours.

IVECO BUS, with its new BLUE POWER range, has positioned itself as the leading sustainable transport partner by expanding its family of clean vehicles. The European leader for over 20 years, the brand has once again proven that it is a step ahead in terms of alternative energy, offering cost-effective solutions suitable for all use types.