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The new Evadys: completes coach range for shorter tourist trips

The Evadys coach which offers unmatched versatility and operating profitability as its major features. It is positioned between the Crossway and Magelys, completing the Iveco Bus coach range.

Vysoké Mýto, 2017, October 19th 

The Evadys coach which offers unmatched versatility and operating profitability as its major features. It is positioned between the Crossway and Magelys, completing the Iveco Bus coach range. As part of the 2017 edition of Busworld, the Evadys presents a version which is specifically suited for proximity tourism and excursions, for an absolute driving style and comfort pleasure.


The Evadys was specially designed to meet the growing need for regional and national routes, as well as local and mid-distance tourism services – needs that require top-quality combined "intercity/excursion" characteristics. Simply put, this vehicle is ideally suited for routes truncated by many stops, which are less suitable for tourism coaches, but that are long enough to require excellent performance and passenger comfort.

Produced at the IVECO BUS plant in Vysoké Myto, Czech Republic – which benefits of a 120 years long lasting experience and expertise, meeting the World Class Manufacturing standards – this model has been added to the Crossway range which has already been sold by more than 30,000 units. The Evadys completes the upscale segment of combined intercity/excursion coaches, which require enhanced power, comfort and luggage capacity.

With its prestigious parentage, the Evadys boasts the same dimensions as the Crossway: two lengths (12m and 12.96m), a width of 2.55m, and a height 3.46m (with air-conditioning). It offers the same benefits in terms of easy handling, driver ergonomics, active and passive safety systems (ABS, ASR, ESP, LDWS, R66.02), and reliability. The Evadys also offers enhanced comfort with its improved aerodynamics and a DMF (dual mass flywheel) to reduce noise and vibration – highly appreciated in its class. Reinforced by effective cataphoretic anti-corrosion treatment, ensuring longevity, these many advantages guarantee excellent residual value.

More powerful and more versatile, the engine of the Evadys – based on the 400 hp version of the Cursor 9 – comes with a choice of mechanical, robotised or automatic gearboxes.

With its floor raised to 1,142mm off the ground, the Evadys is ideally positioned as the mid-range Iveco Bus coach, between the normal-floor intercity Crossway (860mm) and the HD high floor Tourism Magelys (1,400mm).

The Evadys’ luggage space is, on average, 3m3 more than the Crossway's. The luggage compartment doors are also more user-friendly, with a pantograph opening and central locking.

It also stands out for its comfort, with standard features such as double-glazing and better insulation, as well as the option of higher-quality seats (Spacio model). Also standard are individual airflow vents, indirect LED lighting in the passenger compartment, and an electrically heated driver window. Options include a built-in fridge in the dashboard, coffee-maker, kitchenette, video screens, USB slots and Wi-Fi.

Three types of doors are available to meet different seating requirements:

  • single middle door when a central toilet is required ;
  • double middle door to accommodate a wheelchair lift ;
  • single rear door to allow the maximum record luggage space of 10.2m3 in the wheelbase, along with 1.8m3 of luggage racks inside, for a total luggage capacity of 12m3 (12.96m-long model).

Some 15 different seats configurations are available, making the Evadys an ideally versatile coach.

The only model on the market with the DNA of Crossway and the experience of Magelys, the Evadys is a real champion in terms of operating versatility on weekdays as well as weekends – more powerful, more comfortable and with more luggage space than an ordinary intercity coach, but more compact, more accessible, and of a lighter weight – and therefore more fuel-thrifty than a HD tourism coach, while offering heavier payload capacity.

The Evadys is fitted with the Cursor 9 engine developing 400 hp, the same power as on Magelys. Dispensing with exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) and thus the risk of high-temperature forced regeneration, the exclusive HI-SCR technology of this engine maximises engine performance while reducing pollution emissions, benefitting the environment. The Cursor 9’s lower fuel consumption is recognised by operators and, combined with longer maintenance intervals, contributes to a highly attractive TCO- the best in its class.

At Busworld, IVECO BUS presented a version which is specifically suited for proximity tourism and excursions. With its 12.10m length and its single middle door, the Evadys can host 46 passengers (+ hostess + driver) while providing equipment such as kitchenette and toilets. The new seats have been implemented according to the 3*GBK standard, ensuring a 750 mm-seat interval  for a greater comfort. With its 400 hp engine and its new robotized 12-speed ZF TraXon gearbox, this vehicle offers an outstanding driving comfort for both passengers and driver. The total luggage capacity is about 9.5m3. The vehicle is also fitted with a wifi connection and USB slots at each seat row.