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The three-axle Crossway Low Entry: a perfect addition to the line

The launch of the 14.5m, three-axle Crossway marks the start of a new era in IVECO BUS’ city and intercity bus line.

Vysoké Mýto, October 19th, 2017

The launch of the 14.5m, three-axle Crossway marks the start of a new era in IVECO BUS’ city and intercity bus line. Available with two or three doors, it expands the already-extensive Crossway line, a paragon of performance and cost-effectiveness, and is positioned as the ideal vehicle for optimizing access to cities and large towns and to serve heavily frequented routes.


First presented at the Busworld fair in Kortrijk, the three-axle Crossway Low Entry meets high-capacity suburban and intercity transportation needs. This vehicle is a new addition to the Crossway line, which has already sold more than  30,000 vehicles.

Currently available as a Class I for urban uses and a Class II for intercity uses, the three-axle Crossway LE is the perfect tool for heavily frequented routes and intercity links, thanks to its high passenger capacity.


More passengers, more profit

With a total length of 14.5m, the 3-axle Crossway LE has an exceptional passenger capacity. The city model has gained an additional 50 spaces to accommodate 138 passengers. The line version can accommodate 104 passengers, a gain of 30 in comparison with the standard two-axle, 13m model. The third axle also increases the comfort of the seats (min. 710 mm) in the Line version, with 61 seats, and the City, with 45. Its total length also means it can be equipped with a ski storage area.

The layout of both the City and Line versions has been modified to suit the new length. The chassis structure and floor substructure have been adapted to accommodate the third axle and comply with the anti-rollover standard (R66.02). In the City version, lower windows can be added to the flat floor section for the visual comfort of seated passengers.

The Crossway Low Entry has the lowest overall carrying costs in its class, with reduced expenses equivalent to those of an intercity vehicle, but offers the same features as a low-floor city vehicle. In its City version, the 3-axle Crossway LE allows operators to optimize service by accommodating up to 40% more passengers.

The LED technology inside and outside the vehicle offers reduced electricity consumption while improving driver and passenger comfort. The new indoor covering preserves the vehicle’s heat atmosphere. Its cost-effective operation – in the form of a substantial reduction in the overall carrying costs – ensures a rapid return on investment.


Universal accessibility

Like the other vehicles in the line, the 3-axle Crossway Low Entry is easier for passengers to enter & exit, namely due to the front and middle double doors, as well as a third double door available for the City version.

At the driving position, the dashboard, which has been specially designed for easier access to controls, offers a larger working space to the driver which is suitable for all use types. The radio controls on the steering wheel, a single integrated module for the air conditioning of the driver area and the passenger compartment, and independent heating allow the driver to safely and easily control all of the vehicle’s main functions.

The 3-axle Crossway LE will also be available with a VDV driver’s workspace, which has already been available on the rest of the line for 3 years: the application of the VDV standard in the driver zone means keys and controls are always located in the same places. The main purpose of this international standard is to ensure a high level of driver and passenger comfort and safety. The IVECO BUS driver station perfectly meets the requirements in terms of ergonomics, accessibility, and the heating and ventilation system. It is one of the best in terms of visibility, interior sound level and storage space.


Optimized steering and reliability

Despite its longer length of 14.5 m, the 3-axle Crossway LE retains the excellent steering that the 13m version is known for. Thanks to the integrated electrohydraulic system in the third axle, it offers the best turning radius in its class, with 11.9m. The steering axle, equipped with an independent electronic steering system, provides perfect control of the vehicle and limits tire wear in automatic mode.

The 3-axle Crossway LE uses already-proven components. Indeed, the steering 3rd axle, used in IVECO and ASTRA industrial vehicles, ensures excellent stability at high speeds, full control of the vehicle in curves and exceptional steering at low speeds.

Thanks to its optimized weight and length, it offers exceptional performance. Indeed, in low-traction road conditions, the second steering axle’s traction can be improved by a weight transfer from the third to the second axle. This transfer can be manually activated by the driver using a load redistribution activation button when stopped or at speeds lower than 30 km/h. The button is automatically deactivated when this speed is exceeded. When the 45 km/h threshold is reached, the rear axle is centred and hydraulically locked to provide better stability in straight-line driving.

Its 360hp IVECO Cursor 9 engine, with a maximum torque of 1,650 Nm at 1,200-1,500 rpm, is hooked up to a 6-speed automatic transmission to offer optimized power and driving comfort in all situations. In addition, to comply with ever more exacting governmental standards concerning pollutant emissions, IVECO BUS has adapted its Cursor 9 engine to meet the requirements of standard EN15940 and then be compatible with renewable fuels such as HVO and GTL. This engine complements IVECO BUS’ existing offering, the Tector 7, which already offered this compatibility.