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Articulated hybrid Urbanway

140 articulated hybrid buses URBANWAY for the Prague Public Transit Company

The Prague Public Transit Company, DPP, and IVECO BUS have signed a framework contract for the supply of up to 140 18-metre URBANWAY HYBRID vehicles over a period of 5 years. The first units are expected to be operating in Prague in 2024. DPP will be the first operator in the Czech Republic to have this model in its fleet.

Vénissieux, 12 April 2023

DPP has chosen the articulated URBANWAY HYBRID for the renewal of its fleet as part of the 2030 Climate Plan for the capital city of Prague. The plan calls for 75% of DPP buses to be completely emission-free or low-emission vehicles.

" We checked that the hybrid articulated buses supplied to equip the future DPP fleet should meet the Capital's Climate Plan by 2030. Prague's 2030 plan and national or European commitments foresee that 75% of DPP buses will be completely emission-free or low-emission vehicles locally. We are therefore proceeding in accordance with the concept of the use of alternative fuels in DPP bus transport conditions, which has been approved by the Council. We are proceeding in accordance with the Concept for the use of alternative fuels in DPP bus transport conditions, which was approved by the Council. On the one hand, these are low-emission vehicles; on the other hand, in the event of a blackout or any unexpected situation in the power grid, we will be able to put them into operation without major restrictions and thus provide basic transport services to the capital city Prague, which is our basic duty. Thanks to these buses, we will be able to maintain a certain independence from the charging infrastructure in the future and diversify potential risks," adds Petr Witowski, Chairman of the Board of Directors and CEO of DPP.

"We are particularly proud to have been selected by DPP for this important supply and to support the City of Prague on the energy transition of its public transport fleet. Our success in this tender demonstrates that we fulfill the requirements of cities and that we have the vehicles to meet them: we can provide a transport solution that effectively addresses the operational and environmental concerns that are at the top of the agenda for public authorities," said Giorgio ZINO, IVECO BUS Head of Europe Bus Commercial Operations.

With its last-generation hybrid technology, the articulated URBANWAY HYBRID meets DPP's expectations in terms of performance and respect for the environment. It is equipped with the DIWA NXT gearbox and the proven Cursor 9 engine featuring HI-SCR technology.

The full low-floor URBANWAY HYBRID units will be equipped with four double doors and offer a maximum capacity of 130 passengers, including 35 seated. They will be equipped with full air conditioning, automatic passenger counting equipment, a camera system including interior surveillance, front detection, a rearview camera, and side cameras.

The vehicles meet all Prague Integrated Traffic (PID) quality standards and will of course be equipped with a comprehensive registration and information system for Prague's public transport and delivered with the new PID identity.