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New IVECO BUS’s sustainable solution for urban mobility

IVECO BUS takes the opportunity of the National Public Transport Conference in Toulouse to reveal a new comer in its city range: the DAILY ACCESS GNG.  Dedicated to urban missions, this new low-entry minibus is mainly available in Natural Gas version, biomethane compatible, to meet the growing needs of public transport operators in this sector and support them in their energy transition.


Toulouse, 28 September 2021


As an exclusive IVECO BUS minibus, the new DAILY ACCESS CNG benefits from the expertise of a major player in passenger transport. It offers the benefits of the recognized qualities of the DAILY with all the advantages of the widespread brand network and a full set of the brand’s associated and connected services.


Complementing the IVECO BUS city range, the new DAILY ACCESS will be distributed on a European scale. The first deliveries are scheduled for early 2022.


Stéphane Espinasse, IVECO BUS Brand Leader said: “The extension of our city range with the new DAILY ACCESS is an important step.  It will consolidate the leadership of IVECO BUS as one of the key players in minibuses in Europe. It also reflects our brand's ability to provide the widest sustainable city range including minibuses, midibuses, standard and articulated city buses, as well as BRT dedicated versions.”


Gauthier Ricord, IVECO BUS Minibus Sales Director said:” The DAILY ACCESS has been developed to fulfill our customers’ demands in urban mobility, at a high level of standard quality, and with enhanced features combining TCO optimization and passenger well-being”.


Perfectly suited for city use


The new DAILY ACCESS powered by natural gas is available in Class A, I and II and offers a high-quality service to passengers while respecting operating conditions and the environment.


Central low-Entry versions are available from 7.1m to 8m length, with multiple layouts of seats, the DAILY ACCESS CNG provides an effective solution to meet all specific operational requirements. The very bright interior space thanks to its large windows can accommodate up to 28 passengers.


Easily accessible to passengers with reduced mobility or with a stroller (270 mm high first steps), the DAILY ACCESS is equipped with a manual ramp as standard (electric optional) and a dedicated internal area for disabled passengers. A double electric sliding door (1,200 mm wide) facilitates passenger entry and exit.


The new DAILY ACCESS adopts the IVECO BUS family feeling design. It benefits from a new distinctive style for its rear face which incorporates a wide rear window and the route display. The front face introduces a wide athermic glazed windscreen, the destination panel in the upper section as well as LED lights.


It also introduces various additional features such as easy ticketing and SAE system predisposition, internal LED lighting, air conditioning, an audio-visual multimedia setup, USB plugs to improve on-board comfort for passengers.


Performance and sustainability


The DAILY ACCESS CNG engine complies with the new Euro VI-E standards. It delivers powerful and responsive performance with 136 hp and 350 Nm of torque. The structure has been strengthened to receive the CNG tank rack on the roof. A left-hand side fuelling is available as standard, a right-hand side close to rear axle could be available as an option. With 460 CNG litres in its most optimised version, DAILY ACCESS is providing up to 510 km range.


Reflecting IVECO BUS's concern for a sustainable transport, the New DAILY ACCESS CNG is fully compatible with biomethane, which can be generated from the recovery of organic waste. Thus, the DAILY ACCESS in Natural Gas guarantees an excellent carbon footprint and represents a concrete step. The noise level is divided by two, offering significant operating silence for the driver and the passengers. In addition, when used with biomethane, CO2 emissions can be reduced even further, by up to 95%, a major advantage in low-emission zones.



Comfortable driving experience with best-in-class shiftability and precision


The New DAILY ACCESS CNG features a wide driver area totally separated with the integration of a polycarbonate partition protecting driver and the passengers from each other.  Easy accessible and ergonomic working place, it has been designed to be customizable with all equipment necessary for city usage. The driver’s cab offers a new “Hi-COMFORT” driver seat with central pad of the cushion and backrest, and the headrest in memory foam – an industry first for minibuses. The foam moulds to the body, distributing the weight evenly, reducing pressure peaks by up to 30%. This results in supreme comfort for a better driving experience.


A transfer case allowing the lower entrance has been specifically developed and integrated for the DAILY ACESS. This was done with IVECO maintenance, quality and noise standard requirements.


The exclusive Hi-Matic 8-speed transmission, available as standard, ensures maximum performance at low operating costs and absolute driving comfort and increased performance.  Faster and more precise than the traditional 6-speed manual transmission, it offers changes without torque interruption in less than 200 ms.  In addition, the combination of the CNG engine with the exclusive Hi-Matic 8-speed automatic transmission makes the DAILY ACCESS CNG Hi-Matic the best in its class in terms of performance and environmental friendliness. A Telma retarder is added to further improve driving comfort and passenger safety.


IVECO ON Telematics: new services tailored to the operator’s vehicles and mission


The new DAILY ACCESS CNG, marketed by IVECO BUS, will offer several versions and benefit from the IVECO brand’s full range of related services. Customers will thus be able to benefit from manufacturer’s integrated solutions as well as the new IVECO ON telematics offer, providing the best in terms of performance and TCO optimization.

IVECO ON provides operators with new connectivity services to be more efficient in managing   maintenance and operation.

IVECO ON is delivering real benefits with the advantages of the new services offering:

FLEET, to manage a bus fleet of buses in real time by monitoring many parameters such as vehicle energy consumption.

UPTIME, to keep vehicles always on the road, via a Control Room identifying remotely malfunctions through Proactive and Predictive maintenance.

CARE, for customers peace of mind thanks to specific vehicle monitoring and reporting.

REPAIR & MAINTENANCE, for specialized assistance associated to tailored service contracts.

PARTS, to complete the IVECO ON offer by choosing original IVECO Parts and Accessories.


The  IVECO ON services put the operator in full control of the vehicle, allowing him to operate efficiently, by optimizing the vehicle’s uptime, energy efficiency and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Commercial packages are organized in two different options.


The first services package, SMART PACK, always included with the DAILY connectivity box, provides information about the vehicle and driver’s style through the following tools:







In addition to the SMART PACK, the PREMIUM PACK allows to add modular and integrated services that simplify every day’s work:


WEB API TiGR (ITxPT Standard)


On top of all services available, the DAILY ACCESS can propose IVECO Driver Pal, the pioneering vocal and digital driver companion. It is fully integrated with Alexa technology, enabling the driver to bring the digital life on board, interact vocally with the vehicle and the driving community, and access IVECO's connected services.

IVECO Driver Pal takes the DAILY’s connectivity to a new height, enabling easy access to the IVECO ON connected services developed to support the customers’ business proactively and effectively.


DAILY ACCESS, the best offer for the city segment


The new DAILY ACCESS CNG displayed in Toulouse is part of a wide DAILY ACCESS minibus range including Class I diesel Euro VI-E versions. The Diesel versions of DAILY ACCESS deliver respectively 180 hp and 210 hp.  The engines are coupled with either the Hi-Matic
8-speed transmission or the new 6-speed manual transmission. Featuring a single door in the center and a double door in the rear overhang, this rear low-entry city minibus allows the transportation of up to 35 passengers with a wheelchair space as standard for passengers with reduced mobility in the rear overhang.