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IVECO BUS launches a brand new trolleybus generation

IVECO BUS embraces electromobility and launches a brand new trolleybus generation in partnership with SKODA Electric.

Lyon, November 9th  2017

At the forefront of IVECO BUS vision is its commitment to sustainable energy transition and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Looking back to its solid experience in the sustainable transport field, IVECO BUS launches a new generation of trolleybuses and completes its wide range of alternative tractions.

IVECO BUS has a long-lasting experience in trolleybuses and has already placed more than 800 trolleybuses in Europe, including the recent delivery of 49 Crealis models to Bologna in Italy.

At Busworld Europe press conference in Kortrijk, IVECO BUS officially announces the launch of its new generation of trolleybuses, bringing the latest innovation with the ‘In-Motion Charge”, which combines the electric 2-pole overhead lines with on-board battery energy storage.

A Public Transport Authority is therefore able to design an electric bus route, with a portion of the route without overhead lines, which makes its deployment easier, while reducing complexity and costs. The operator benefits from an electric vehicle which is powerful in any circumstances and without losing time for recharge.

The trolleybus version will be available on the Urbanway range and also on the Bus Rapid Transit Crealis range, both in 12 and 18 m.

IVECO BUS marks a further step in the electromobility field. This development is done in partnership with SKODA Electric, the European leader in trolleybus technology. SKODA Electric’s choice comes naturally out : an historical partnership since almost 20 years between the two brands on one side, and a leading position for SKODA, with 15 000 vehicles equipped with the trolleybus technology already in circulation in Europe, on the other side.

IVECO BUS confirms its strong commitment toward energy transition and further enhances its full offer of alternative energies (natural gas and biomethane with the Natural Power offer and the hybrid electric) with the well-proven trolleybus technology.