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Minibus that takes passenger transport to the next level

The wide range of Iveco Bus's Daily minibus with its multiple versions meets all the requirements of passenger transport operators: excursions, shuttle services, interurban and school missions as well as urban.


Iveco Bus innovates with Air-Pro, a unique intelligent pneumatic suspension with smart electronic controls - an industry first - that enhances driving comfort, protects the vehicle’s driver and passengers, and adapts to the requirements of the mission.


The state-of-the-art engine technology and after-treatment system ensure Euro VI-E compliance in real conditions and for life (Conformity Factor =1) ahead of regulations.


The New Daily minibus takes connectivity and collaboration to a new level with IVECO ON new packs of services.


 Turin, 1 June 2021


Iveco Bus presented the New Daily minibus to its dealer network and the international press in a live digital event. The latest evolution of the Daily minibus family breaks new ground, introducing new adaptive and intelligent solutions that take interaction and collaboration with the driver and the  transport operator to a new level, making the Daily minibus the perfect complement to the daily minibus range of Iveco Bus.


Stéphane Espinasse, IVECO Bus Brand President, said: “With the New Daily minibus, which is enriched with, among other things, a Low Entry version, we are moving to the next level. With new innovations with no equivalent on the market, it always offers more comfort and safety on board, flexibility focus on the missions as well as a substantial TCO reduction. With the New Daily, we propose to our customers a unique set of digital services available to optimize their operation and decrease their costs. A constant search for improvement which positions this minibus as the best in its category.”


Iveco Bus has designed the New Daily minibus by combining the recognized qualities of the Daily and the skills of a leader in passenger transport. It builds on its core values of versatility, robustness, durability and performance, which have made it a favourite in its segment for more than 40 years. It introduces innovative, customer-centred solutions that make it a supremely adaptive, interactive, collaborative and connected vehicle – the most innovative minibus in its generation and the smart companion of transport companies.


The New minibus Daily anticipates the needs of transport companies that is changing fast. Connectivity has become a necessity in every area of everyday life – personal and professional – and vehicles must meet this requirement. Sustainability and clean air have acquired even more urgency, leading to increasingly challenging vehicle emissions standards. Thanks to its environmentally friendly natural gas engine and its particularly silent mode of operation, the New minibus Daily represents a true clean transport solution.


AIR-PRO intelligent suspension: a uniquely smooth and comfortable drive

The New minibus Daily introduces the revolutionary AIR-PRO pneumatic suspension, which continuously adapts to the condition of usage to deliver a uniquely smooth and safe ride for driver and passengers. The exclusive AIR-PRO Continuous Damping Control (CDC) unit reacts almost instantly to road disturbances, calculating every 10 milliseconds the ideal pressure on each shock absorber to deliver the best dynamic reaction. The lower vibrations, reduced by 25% contribute further to a supremely comfortable driving experience.

The AIR-PRO intelligent system also adapts to the driver’s requirements and puts them in control of the suspension’s behaviour. They can choose to prioritise comfort with the Soft setting; select Load to optimise handling and roll control in full load conditions; or leave it to the system’s self-adapting parameters with the Auto setting. The AIR-PRO suspension adapts to the vehicle load, reducing the roll angle by 30% in bends, enhancing the driver’s safety and protecting the passengers.

The AIR-PRO suspension makes access and exit operations easy and efficient, adjusting the height of the vehicle chassis in less than 10 seconds. A memory function also enables the operator to memorise the alignment with usual access platforms, making it even easier to get the vehicle ready.

The AIR-PRO intelligent system is easy to manage via a dedicated rotary switch on the dashboard and new, intuitive TFT graphics.


New memory foam seat for the driver: to provide supreme comfort

The New Daily minibus features a new driver seat with central pad of the cushion and backrest, and the headrest in memory foam – an industry first for minibuses. The foam moulds to the body, distributing the weight evenly, reducing pressure peaks by up to 30%. This results in supreme comfort and protects from back pain. The side sections have been thickened with 15mm of high-density foam to improve lateral containment, enhancing safety and the driving experience. Taller people will be more comfortable the 20 mm longer and 15 mm thicker front cushion, which provides better support for their longer legs. The seat side carter and levers have been redesigned to make it easier to get on and off the vehicle.


Unique engine line-up: performance and sustainability in every mission

The New Daily minibus remains true to its reputation for versatility with its extensive engine line-up.
It is now available in 2 diesel engine powers (180 and 210 hp) and a Natural Gas engine (136 hp) and provides an appropriate response to all the needs related to passenger transport: shuttle minibus ideal for short journeys (Start), interurban minibus with the largest passenger capacity in its category (Line), tourist minibus for traveling in style and comfort (Tourys), and soon an urban minibus (Access).


Facing with the challenges of reducing air pollution for the transport sector and the creation of low-emission zones, Iveco Bus, a pioneer in the development of alternative energies for more than 20 years, naturally offers an alternative motorization with the engine 3.0 liter CNG. It delivers powerful and responsive performance with 136 hp and 350 Nm of torque. This CNG version helps to preserve natural resources, as it is fully compatible with biomethane, which comes from the recovery of organic waste. Thus, the CNG Daily minibus guarantees an excellent carbon footprint and represents a concrete step towards energy transition. The environmental benefits then translate into greenhouse gas reductions of up to 95%.


The New minibus Daily complies with Euro VI-E standards, achieving Conformity Factor 1 (CF=1) ahead of regulations. This means that it meets the emissions limits in real conditions and for the life of the vehicle. It uses a double SCR after-treatment system that has been entirely redesigned to occupy the same spaces as in the previous models, so that it has no impact on the vehicle’s body-ability, preserving the Daily’s legendary versatility.


Two transmissions available: comfortable driving experience with best-in-class shiftability and precision

The New minibus Daily introduces a new 6-speed manual transmission that offers an excellent driving experience with best-in-class shiftability and precision engagement. This will make it a favourite for drivers in urban missions, who will benefit from greater comfort on long days behind the wheel.

The new transmission will also contribute to lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The new transmission will require no oil change, as the interval has been extended to 350,000 km, contributing to a further reduction in maintenance and repair costs of up to 4%.


The exclusive Hi-Matic 8-speed transmission is still available as standard and ensures maximum performance at low operating costs and absolute driving comfort and increased performance. In addition, the combination of the CNG engine with the exclusive Hi-Matic 8-speed automatic transmission makes the CNG Daily Minibus Hi-Matic the best in its class in terms of performance and environmental friendliness. A Telma retarder is added to further improve driving comfort and passenger safety.


IVECO ON Telematics is progressing every day, proposing new services

With IVECO ON SOLUTIONS we provide a whole set of services tailored to our customers vehicles and mission. IVECO ON provides new connectivity services, the best maintenance, high performance parts and skilled experts, ready to help our customers.

IVECO ON is delivering real benefits with the advantages of the service offering:

FLEET to manage a bus fleet by monitoring vehicles’ fuel consumption, as well as planning drivers missions, optimizing routes and dispatching orders.

UPTIME to keep vehicles always on the road, anticipating and avoiding unforeseen breakdowns.

CARE for peace of mind knowing that we will take care of our customers, drivers and vehicles while on the road, with specific vehicle monitoring and reporting.

REPAIR & MAINTENANCE for specialized assistance associated to tailored service contracts.

PARTS to complete the IVECO ON offer by choosing original IVECO Parts and Accessories.


The most advanced connectivity on the Daily puts the operator in full control of the vehicle, allowing him to operate effortlessly and efficiently, by optimizing the vehicle’s uptime, fuel efficiency and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Commercial packages are organized in two different options.

The first option package, SMART PACK, always included with the Daily connectivity box, provides information about your vehicle and driver’s style through the following tools:





On top of vehicle’s information, the PREMIUM PACK allows you to add modular and integrated services that simplify every day’s work while managing a fleet. These modular options can be added to your package:



On top of all services available, the New Daily can propose IVECO Driver Pal, the pioneering vocal and digital driver companion. It is fully integrated with Alexa technology, enabling the driver to bring their digital life on board, interact vocally with their vehicle and the driving community, and access IVECO's connected services.

IVECO Driver Pal takes the Daily’s connectivity to a new height, enabling easy access to the IVECO ON connected services developed to support the customers’ business proactively and effectively.


A Daily minibus for every mission

New IVECO Daily


Daily Pop

Specially designed for the Italian market, this school minibus is available in three lengths and two diesel and CNG energies. It offers a large capacity on board, up to 41 or 32 passengers depending on whether the service is intended for primary schools or colleges and high schools.


Daily Start

The Daily Start is a 6-meter-long "entry-level" vehicle. Simple, functional and profitable, it shares with the Daily both its DNA and the features that have already seen many years of success.


Available with 3 different lengths, it offers multiple interior layouts to accommodate up to 22 passengers or 17 passengers with a dedicated space for a wheelchair. The standard configuration of the Daily Start is equipped with a manual sliding door with a footboard. The vehicle’s entrance has been redesigned to meet the R107 standard concerning step dimensions.


To increase the Daily’s versatility, the basic Start version can be improved with options such as the electric sliding door with a retractable step, or centralized air conditioning. The Daily Start is thus positioned as a vehicle suitable for a wide variety of uses, from an airport or river shuttle to a taxi service.


Daily Line

Very flexible, the Line version is ideal for inter-urban missions. This model is available in three lengths, with three types of doors (manual, electric or sliding). The Daily Line offers different configurations to meet all needs and optimize costs. It can accommodate up to 22 passengers.


Thanks to the rear platform and quick-release seats in the last few rows, available upon request, the Daily Line facilitates access for passengers with reduced mobility. It can also be equipped with special features such as a ramp for wheelchair users, route displays, space for ticket validation machines and stop request buttons.


Daily Tourys

The Tourys version stands out for its comfort and grand touring style. Its 2.5 m3 baggage compartment and interior racks make it the best in its class in terms of total storage space. 19 passengers and a hostess can be seated on board. It is fully compliant with the anti-rollover standard (R66.02). It is equipped with pneumatic rear suspension, air conditioning, LED lighting, audiovisual multimedia system, USB plugs for each pair of seats.


Daily Access

Finally, the Daily minibus range will be enlarged with a new Low-Entry model. In order to meet the growing needs of public transport operators in this segment and support them in their energy transition, a new version entirely dedicated to urban and peri-urban missions will soon be available, mainly in Natural Gas engines, compatible with biomethane. Thanks to its winning combination of high-performance technology, low emissions and low environmental impact, Daily Access can access city centres freeing transport operators from restrictions related to environmental regulations and representing an ideal addition to public transportation fleets.