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500th Crealis for TADAO

IVECO BUS officially handed the keys to one of its 41 Bus Rapid Transit 18-meter Crealis hybrid buses to the TADAO network.

Saint-Priest, June 12, 2018


During the European Mobility Exhibition, to be held in Paris, at the Porte de Versailles exhibition center, from June 12 to 14, IVECO BUS officially handed the keys to one of its 41 Bus Rapid Transit 18-meter Crealis hybrid buses to the TADAO network. It is the 500th Crealis manufactured at the Annonay plant, in the Ardèche region of France


The vehicle, unveiled during an exclusive concert at the Liévin Stadium, on May 5, features the new TADAO visual identity.

At the European Mobility Exhibition, Sylvain Blaise, Vice-President of IVECO, in charge of IVECO BUS, officially handed the keys of the 500th Crealis to the executives of the TADAO network. These vehicles will be operated between the main cities of the former mining area (including Lens, Liévin, Béthune, Hénin-Beaumont, Carvin and Bruay-La-Buissière). Their use will substantially improve public transport in the region with a high level of service and strong community engagement.  


TADAO’s 41 18-meter Crealis hybrid buses can accommodate a large number of passengers (up to 157) and benefit from an ultra-modern and bright interior thanks to their large windows and LED lights. Passengers will experience unrivalled comfort. The Crealis’ design is boosted by its dynamic look and high end interior, and conveys a positive image of urban areas. Both the bus and the bellows display the inhabitants’ favorite symbols, a first on this type of vehicle. The arrival of the 41 Bus Rapid Transit Crealis signal a new step in the evolution of the network, its image and visual identity.


"Hybrid buses are testament to our commitment to energy transition and the domestic economy. They currently represent the best offering in relation to our expectations: they convey a great image of our region thanks to a unique design and exceptional comfort,” commented Mr. Sirop, CEO of the Artois-Gohelle SMT (Transport Authority).


The vehicle on display, along with the rest of the fleet, will enable local people will provide local people with improved air quality. By selecting hybrid technology, the Artois-Gohelle SMT and the TADAO network are taking a step towards electro-mobility. The Crealis hybrid version was designed to drastically reduce polluting emissions and fuel consumption, while ensuring cleaner mobility. The vehicle is equipped with an electric motor coupled with a Euro VI engine and a pack of latest generation lithium ion batteries. A drive train management system optimizes fuel consumption and polluting emissions, while the kinetic energy produced when braking, is collected and stored.


The "Start & Go" functionality enables the vehicle to stop and restart in 100% electric mode, meaning zero emission at stop signs and traffic lights. Fuel consumption is reduced by 30% and CO2 emissions can be reduced up to 30% compared to diesel buses; that is the equivalent of 35 tons of CO2 – or the weight of two buses – that are no longer released in the air every year. A significant benefit in terms of economic and environment sustainability.


The 320hp Tector 7 engine, compatible with HVO biodiesel, enables enhanced performance, whilst reducing carbon emissions by up to 90% vs a traditional diesel engine.


"We are delighted that the Artois-Gohelle SMT chose us, clearly positioning us as the point of reference both for energy transition and high end mobility services. This is a tribute to French know-how,” said Sylvain Blaise, IVECO Vice-President, in charge of IVECO BUS.