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Public Transport Innovation Award

IVECO BUS is set to receive the Public Transport Innovation Award in the "Move Green".

Vysoké Mýto, June 12th, 2018


The Public Transport Innovation Awards recognize technological or service innovations that reduce the fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions of public transport vehicles, and thereby improve environmental protection. This award honours IVECO BUS's strategy which focuses on sustainable development and new alternatives for ever-cleaner vehicles.


IVECO BUS, with its pioneering range of Urbanway and Crealis electric buses that combine two-wire overhead supply lines with battery-based power storage, meets perfectly those criteria.


"This award, in the 'Move Green' category, is tremendous encouragement for our new generation of trolleybuses which complete our range of alternative traction vehicles. It recognizes the excellence of our range of natural gas and electric vehicles. Our multiple options enable us to meet the expectations of municipalities and operators, whatever their needs or preferred energy," says Sylvain Blaise, Vice President of IVECO, in charge of IVECO BUS.


IVECO BUS trolleybus technology is more avant-garde and efficient than ever before providing zero-emission mobility in urban environments. Particularly recommended for municipalities with challenging topography, it guarantees excellent performance on hilly routes without compromising battery life or climate comfort. Operating time is maximised as the vehicle’s batteries recharge automatically when on roads with overhead lines. The trolleybuses are also capable of running on batteries for 25% to 40% of the route which ensures they can operate even on sections without overhead lines.


With Urbanway and Crealis both available in standard and articulated versions, this new bus range offers yet another electric mobility concept.


To ensure optimal operating conditions for its vehicles, IVECO BUS advises transit authorities, operators and engineers on dynamic performance, passenger capacity, climate comfort, and on modelling the electrification of routes that combine battery-powered and overhead-line sections.


On the occasion of the European Mobility Exhibition, IVECO BUS has for the first time ever invited these actors to a "Meeting of Experts" at its stand, for the first unveiling of its new trolleybus range.


More than 800 trolleybuses designed and produced by IVECO BUS are already on the road in Europe. This new generation of vehicles is just one of a long line of improvements by the company who has been developing trolleybuses for decades (ER100, PR180, Cristalis...). In France, the municipalities of Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Limoges and Nancy operate its trolleybuses.

For this new-generation range, IVECO BUS has selected a leader in trolleybus technology with over 14,000 vehicles produced to date: Skoda Electric.


IVECO BUS, a French manufacturer based in Lyon, designs the Urbanway and Crealis at its R&D center in Venissieux, and produces them at its Annonay plant in Ardèche. This site, which has been operating for over 100 years, has some 1,400 employees and calls on more than 270 French suppliers and subcontractors. Non-diesel alternative-fuel vehicles now constitute more than 50% of the plant's production.