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Awards 2020

IVECO BUS awarded “TOP SLOVAKIA 2020” and “TOP CZECH TRANSPORT 2020” for its Crossway Natural Power

The Crossway Natural Power wins flagship awards in bus category. Awarded by TRANSPORT and LOGISTIKA magazines both in Slovakia and Czech Republic, these awards confirm the leading position of the Crossway range all around Europe and IVECO BUS leadership in natural gas-powered vehicle technology.

November 16th, 2020

The Crossway Natural Power was crowned “TOP SLOVAKIA 2020” and “TOP CZECH TRANSPORT 2020” in bus category. Respectively in its 19th and 2nd edition, these prestigious prizes, awarded by TRANSPORT and LOGISTIKA magazines in both countries, mark a further step in the success story of the Crossway range and particularly the Natural Power version.

Based on reader’s survey – mostly transport companies and specialized transport public experiences and opinions – it provides a picture of the popularity of commercial vehicles brands in Slovak and Czech markets and consumer’s attitudes.

Recognized as the European leader in the intercity segment, the Crossway range is breaking new ground, reaching a record production with more than 45 000 units. Extremely popular with both private transport companies and public transport authorities, Crossway confirms its ability to convince customers thanks to its profitability, polyvalence and leading natural gas technology with the Natural Power version.

Crossway Natural Power is a proven, environmentally-friendly mobility solution that runs on natural gas and biomethane. It allows the manufacturer to offer options that are better for the environment and public health. It offers high performance in terms of pollutant and sound emissions reduction. With natural gas, fine particles emissions levels are reduced to nearly zero, and nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced by more than one third. The noise level is also reduced by half, offering exceptional operating silence for the driver, passengers and people nearby.

It is also respectful of natural resources, as fully compatible with biomethane, made from organic waste. Therefore, Crossway Natural Power has an excellent carbon footprint and represent a concrete step towards the energy transition. The environmental benefits translate to greenhouse gas reductions of up to 95%.

“We are very proud to receive these awards, which highlight and confirm our strong commitment to sustainable transport. Natural gas is the starting point on the path to zero-emission transport, and our Crossway Natural Power position itself as an emblematic flagship for every transport company looking to green up its fleet” commented Stephane Espinasse, IVECO BUS Brand Leader.