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CROSSWAY as a classroom

CROSSWAY converted into interactive road safety classroom used to train 1,500 children in the Czech Republic

In 2022, a CROSSWAY specially converted into an interactive classroom supported once again Promotým Praha’s roadshow and its program to promote road safety among future young drivers with the aim of reducing the number of deaths on Czech roads. 1,500 secondary school students tried out road traffic situations on simulators installed in the converted CROSSWAY.

Vénissieux, 13th February 2023

In 2022, the cooperation between Iveco Czech Republic and Promotým Praha focused on road safety continued to success-fully educate children with the aim of reducing the number of road deaths. With a converted intercity CROSSWAY, Promotým Praha organized a total of eleven events on the campuses of larger secondary schools and on Prague's Letná Plain.

This safety-oriented program, attended by 1,500 school students, aims to raise awareness of causes of accidents such as inattention, speeding, inappropriate driving, alcohol, or substance use, and the consequences. Other objectives are to in-crease the protection of vulnerable road users and to encourage the use of safety belts and protective equipment.

The special CROSSWAY fitted out for the roadshow was equipped with interactive equipment. A bicycle simulator faithfully replicates off-road, on-road or city traffic. The motorcycle driving simulator allows students to put themselves in the shoes of other road users, learn how to manage sudden traffic situations on a motorcycle, even in difficult conditions such as darkness or rain. On the car simulator, students experience the risks of driving while talking on the phone or texting, as well as the consequences of speeding. An X box driving simulator provides additional driving experiences.

The equipment on the converted CROSSWAY also includes three PCs. The first of these is used to check eyesight - about one-fifth of drivers have an eye disease they are not aware of. The second one is used to test the driver’s reaction time – longer reaction times are the cause of most road accidents and are usually due to alcohol and drug use, distracted driving, use of mobile phones, food consumption, etc. A third PC offers first aid tests.

At the events, the bus was supplemented with various other elements, such as a car accident simulator, tasks with goggles,
a cycle track and a first aid presentation.