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E-WAY in Italy

New success in Italy for the E-WAY full electric solution from IVECO BUS

IVECO BUS wins the tender launched by the Autoguidovie Group and signs a framework agreement for the supply of 120 E-WAY city buses. Deliveries will begin in the second half of 2023. This is the manufacturer’s second Italian contract this year.

Vénissieux, 16th February 2023

IVECO BUS will supply 120 low-floor plug-in E-WAY buses to Autoguidovie Group, a leading player in the Italian local public transport sector, over a three-year period. The electric buses will operate in all the territories covered by the companies of the Autoguidovie Group and their purchase has been partially financed through contributions from the NRRP (National Recovery and Resilience Plan), the Complementary Funds and the NSPSM (National Strategic Plan for Sustainable Mobility).

"Our Group continues its virtuous path towards zero-impact mobility. The purchase of electric buses, within a framework agreement worth about 65 million euros, represents the natural continuation of a path towards true environmental sustainability for a company that already has one of the most modern and ecological fleets in Italy and has always promoted public transport as a growth driver for the territories, for businesses and for people," said Stefano Rossi, Managing Director of Autoguidovie. "In Autoguidovie's strategic plan, the customer is at the center. We are convinced, in fact, that zero-emission mobility is beneficial for the environment and for citizens and can help to encourage the use of public transport and the consequent move away from private vehicles," concluded Rossi.

“We are honored that IVECO BUS has been selected by Autoguidovie Group too for the realization of its zero-emission mobility project in Italy. Our full electric city buses offer a sustainable mobility solution that is reliable and efficient, while meeting every expectation of the transport operators, drivers, passengers, and residents,” said Stéphane Espinasse, Head of Sales & Products, IVECO BUS. He added: “With this second Italian success, we are very excited about the expansion in the adoption of our E-WAY solution, supporting the decarbonization of public transport in the country.”
The E-WAY offers drivers and passengers an extremely comfortable experience, with smooth, quiet, and vibration-free driving and acceleration. Thanks to IVECO BUS's twenty years of expertise in development and production in the field of alternative energies, the E-WAY guarantees an excellent balance between range and passenger transport capacity, providing the necessary power for a whole day of operation.


Autoguidovie is the largest Italian private company of Local Public Transport. With 1,406 employees, for a consolidated turnover of 149 million euros, Autoguidovie is a leader in road services in the field of urban and suburban public transport. Today it is present directly or through subsidiaries, managed, investee companies, or in ATI, in Lombardy, Emilia Romagna, Veneto and Piedmont. With a fleet of 1,230 buses, among the most modern and ecological in Italy, Autoguidovie manages a perimeter of 46 million bus-km. For further information: https://autoguidovie.it