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Autocar Expo in Lyon

IVECO BUS completes its Crossway range with a brand new gas powered coach.

The Crossway Natural Power, powered by Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), has all of the features that have made the diesel version such a success : autonomy, passenger capacity and luggage space, as well as maintaining the same height and equivalent operating cost.


Saint-Priest, October 17th, 2018


As a pioneer of alternative-drive buses, with a range of electrical and natural gas vehicles, IVECO BUS is taking another step forward with the world premiere of its Crossway Natural Power at Autocar Expo in Lyon, France. After making history with the launch of the Crossway Low Entry Natural Power - voted "Sustainable Bus of the Year 2018" - at Busworld in 2017, IVECO BUS confirms its commitment to energy transition and alternative fuels.


The Crossway Natural Power is equipped with the latest-generation IVECO CURSOR 9 NP engine, produced at the FPT Industrial plant – a brand of CNH Industrial – and includes a clever design which integrates the compressed gas tanks into the roof. This exclusive patented feature optimizes the vehicle's centre of gravity for greater on-road stability and increases comfort for the driver and passengers. The design also makes it the lowest vehicle on the market in terms of overall height, meaning that it can be operated without specific restrictions.


The Crossway NP coach provides the same accessibility, passenger capacity and luggage space as the diesel version. With a total capacity of 1,260 litres (four 315-litre tanks), the vehicle has a range of up to 600 km, and is compatible with rapid or slow filling. The CURSOR 9 NP engine delivers 360 hp and 265 kW, the same as its diesel equivalent. The spacious interior has a minimum two meters height and features hand luggage racks.



Available as 12 and 13-meter models, and in LINE and POP versions, the Crossway NP is the new alternative for Regions, Counties and Cities wishing to provide transport solutions which are fully compatible with energy transition projects. Natural gas vehicles are recognized as clean vehicles for Low-Traffic Areas and Clean Air Protection Areas, and are compatible with Crit'Air 1 criteria.



To assist its customers as they transition to natural gas, the company has also developed a series of related services : from maintenance contracts to specific training modules, as well as a network of dealers and service points with long-standing expertise in the field of natural gas.


At the Autocar Expo show, a 13-meter, 63-seat air-conditioned LINE model equipped with a rapid filling input is on display.



As a European leader in natural gas vehicles for over 20 years, the brand is reaffirming its position in the market with a mature, virtuous and eco-responsible well-to-wheel solution. Suitable for all transport types and with a very favourable cost ratio, the Natural Power range puts IVECO BUS' expertise at the service of sustainable mobility.


The Natural Power range also helps conserve natural resources, as it is 100% compatible with biomethane, produced from organic waste. The vehicles thus have an excellent carbon balance and represent a significant step towards energy transition. The environmental benefit is a reduction in greenhouse gas production of up to 95%. Other solutions, such as "Power to Gas", aim to produce synthetic methane using electrical energy from renewable sources such as wind and solar. This solution also includes storage and distribution throughout the network.


Natural gas vehicles are therefore the only proven, affordable fossil-fuel-free solution equipped to meet today's and tomorrow's mobility challenges.


IVECO BUS' Natural Power vehicle range is now complete, with URBANWAY buses, CREALIS High Service Level trolley buses, DAILY minibuses, CROSSWAY Low Entry suburban buses and CROSSWAY coaches, as well as IVECO's other NGV vehicles such as STRALIS and EUROCARGO, trucks for household waste collection, urban logistics and construction site trucks, mixer trucks and DAILY light commercial vehicles. This wide range of options contributes to the deployment and profitability of a network of NGV stations for heavy vehicles throughout France.