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Sustainable Bus of the Year 2019

IVECO BUS wins the ‘Sustainable Bus of the Year’ award for the second consecutive time

After winning the Sustainable Bus of the Year 2018 with its CROSSWAY LE NP, IVECO BUS retains the title with the CREALIS 18m In-Motion-Charging. This brand new vehicle, will have its world premiere at the IAA show in Hanover, Germany, and received the “Sustainable Bus of the Year 2019” title in the ‘Urban’ category.


IVECO BUS once again demonstrates its leadership in sustainability, with a complementary offer both with natural gas and electric.


Hanover, September 19th, 2018


After winning the Sustainable Bus of the Year 2018 with its Crossway LE Natural Power, IVECO BUS continues its success with the ‘Sustainable Bus of the Year 2019’ award in the Urban category with its CREALIS 18m In-Motion-Charging. Unveiled on the opening day of the IAA trade show in Hanover, Germany, this vehicle’s benefits have already been recognized by public transport specialists. The CREALIS also received the Public Transport Innovation Award in the ‘Move Green’ Energy-Environment category, during European Mobility Week in June, 2018.


Sustainability is becoming ever more important in public transport and, as a leading brand in this field, IVECO BUS has launched its new electromobility offering at the IAA. The CREALIS In-Motion-Charging completes the brand’s range of alternative tractions, and offers an additional and ever more advanced and efficient electric mobility concept.  


IVECO BUS has reduced the on-board batteries to a minimum thanks to its In-Motion-Charging technology. This vehicle combines electric overhead lines with a small on-board battery. Therefore a new electric bus route can be deployed even if there are sections without overhead lines, it considerably reduces complexity and costs, and no time is lost recharging. Operating time is maximized as the vehicle’s batteries recharge automatically when on roads with overhead lines. The CREALIS In-Motion-Charging is also capable of running on batteries for 25% to 40% of the route.


The jury of the Sustainable Bus Award, composed of seven representatives from European magazines – Autobus (Italy), Mobilités Magazine (France), Busfahrt (Germany), OV-Magazine (the Netherlands), InfoBus (Poland), Infotrucker (Romania), Carril Bus (Spain) – focuses on transverse  sustainability principals, specifically the ability to establish a positive image of the vehicle amongst the general public. Several aspects come into play, such as safety, comfort, noise, recyclability of components and the general environmental commitment of the manufacturer.


IVECO BUS has established experience in the field with more than 800 units in operation throughout Europe. For this new generation, IVECO BUS has selected a European leader in the In-Motion-Charging technology : the CREALIS is powered by Skoda Electric.


The verdict of the Sustainable Bus Award’s jury highlights the wide range of alternative tractions, and by selecting the new generation CREALIS trolleybus recognizes it as the ‘king’ urban bus sustainability.