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IAA 2022

IVECO BUS, your partner for sustainable passenger transport, is at IAA 2022

IVECO BUS, your partner for sustainable passenger transport, is at IAA 2022 IVECO BUS is participating in IAA 2022 on the IVECO stand in Hall 24, that makes a statement about its pioneering commitment to sustainability in passenger transport displaying the 100% electric E-WAY which features the latest battery technology.

IVECO BUS adopts the new IVECO “Energy Blue” colour in its brand identity that conveys the energy, power, dynamism and digital innovation of this brand driving the road to sustainable mobility.

As an innovative player for the future of mobility, IVECO BUS has implemented a strategy of partnerships and collaborations with HTWO and VIA Transportation to deliver high added-value solutions for operators and end users.

IVECO BUS offers a full range of tailored services to support customers in their daily operational requirements.

Hanover, 19 September 2022

IVECO BUS, the major European player in sustainable mobility and a leader in alternative energies, is taking part in IAA 2022 to showcase its efficient transport solutions capable of addressing the challenges of European cities. The brand has always anticipated the growing needs of authorities, operators and citizens for cleaner vehicles that respect natural resources, the environment and public health by offering mature, virtuous, and eco-responsible transport solutions. Whatever the customers’ missions and needs, the IVECO BUS product family provides a tangible response to the necessary energy transition with its extensive range and energy-mix approach.

Domenico Nucera, IVECO BUS Bus Business Unit President, said: "At IVECO BUS, we are driving the road of change towards ever-cleaner mobility. Sustainability and technological excellence are at the heart of everything we do. Our offer, thanks to a multi-energy approach, perfectly reflects IVECO BUS's ability to provide complete mobility solutions that are environmentally friendly, efficient and reliable in all missions. In a sector in constant evolution, we are firmly turned towards the future, anticipating the changing needs of our customers. We constantly innovate to provide them with the best support with the most complete mobility solution that meets their requirements as they evolve.”

IVECO BUS’s multi-energy approach is represented at IAA 2022 by the two vehicles on display: the full-electric E-WAY on the IVECO stand and in the dedicated outdoor area, the STREETWAY city bus, also available in Natural Gas version.

IVECO BUS adopts “Energy Blue” brand colour

On the stand at IAA 2022, IVECO BUS shows for the first time its logo in the new “Energy Blue” colour, joining IVECO in signalling its strong ambition with a bright shade of blue that represents the forward-looking approach, and conveys its energy, power, dynamism, and digital innovation.

IVECO E-WAY by HEULIEZ – the fully electric city bus for the decarbonization of people transport

The IVECO BUS solutions for sustainable urban mobility are represented on the stand by the E-WAY, a two-door and 12-meter-long full electric night charging model with a camera mirror system and the latest battery technology.

The new Forsee Power ZEN battery generation for night charging in the depot increases the capacity of a single battery to 42 kWh. These new non-cooled and unheated high-energy NMC (Nickel, Manganese, Cobalt) batteries provide operators with 20% more energy, resulting in up to 400 km of range for a maximum of 462 kWh on board the 12 m-long model.

The E-WAY offers the most complete and flexible range on the market with a solution to match the specific range needs of every customer with models available in four lengths (9.5m, 10.7m, 12m and 18m), two battery technologies for each specific application: high energy NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt) cells for night charge at the depot, high power LTO (Lithium Titanate Oxide) cells for fast opportunity charge, and three charging modes: overnight at the depot (CCS Combo 2 connection), and opportunity charge via pantograph (ascending or descending).

In addition, the 12- or 18-meter-long models of the E-WAY are also available as a Bus Rapid Transit system (BRT version), named LINIUM.

IVECO BUS: driving innovation through strategic partnerships

IVECO BUS is constantly searching for innovative solutions to take people where they want to go in a smarter, more eco-friendly manner. To meet these challenges, it is entering strategic partnerships to drive its innovation forward and spearhead the mobility of the future.

Last July, IVECO BUS announced that it will partner with HTWO (brand of Hyundai Motor Group) to equip its future European hydrogen-powered buses with world-leading fuel cell systems.

IVECO BUS also signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with VIA to explore possible future collaborations in the development of tailored on-demand public transportation solutions and associated digital services for buses.

IVECO BUS and VIA will also explore opportunities for autonomous on-demand shuttles.

Tailored IVECO BUS services for a complete mobility solution

In addition to providing buses, IVECO BUS has become a true advisor for the customer, offering a complete turnkey mobility solutions package that includes expert services. This is a complete eco-system of elements and technologies that includes project management, battery type, energy provision, charging solutions, as well as training, maintenance contract, telematic and connectivity and financing services to perfectly fit the customer’s application. This approach is the key to addressing successfully all the challenges of sustainable mobility and serving the customers’ interests best.