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IVECO BUS in Italian Trotta

Trotta in Italy chooses 12 EVADYS and 19 DAILY CNG Mobi for school and tourist transport

Vénissieux, 22 July 2022


IVECO BUS supplied 12 EVADYS and 19 DAILY Mobi School minibuses (model 70C18) to Trotta, a company that deals with local public transport, school and tourist transport, activities in which the Brand's vehicles will be used. The delivery ceremony of the first units was attended by the owners Mauro, Livio and Giorgio Trotta together with Mario Artusi, President of Romana Diesel and Guido Ucci, Head of the Italian Minibus & Coach Market of IVECO BUS.


The 12 EVADYS will be put into service in Trentino region for passenger transport to the ski resorts and in the summer they will be used for tourism services in Rome. They have different lengths, four are 13 meters long and eight are 12 meters long. The equipment includes two 19-inch monitors, USB sockets and the camera in the centre. The eight 12-metre buses are equipped with 53 reclining seats and adjustable footrests. The door positioned behind the overhang allows to optimize the luggage space, with 8.6 m3 which, added to the capacity of inside luggage racks of 1.6 m3, reaches a total of 10.2 m3. The four 13-meter cars have 59 seats identical to the 12-meter vehicles ones. In this case, the total luggage compartment volume with an added capacity of 1.8 m3 of inside luggage racks comes to a total capacity up to 12.3 m3.


The vehicles are equipped with a 400 hp HI-SCR Cursor 9 engine without regeneration. The system, without EGR, does not affect the combustion process: the engine breathes only clean fresh air, not mixed with hot recirculated exhaust gas. In addition, the HI-SCR system does not even need to inject fuel into the exhaust to regenerate the particulate fi lter avoiding thus high exhaust gas temperature, reducing consumption, thermal stress and system complexity. The gearbox is the 12-speed automated with ACC that allows, in addition to speed adjustment, the maintenance of the distance from the vehicle in front.


The 19 DAILY CNG Mobi school minibuses will be used for school transport in Rome. They are bodied on the 70C14 chassis, equipped with the super ecological CNG methane 3-liter engine developing 136 hp. The vehicles can carry 45 elementary and middle school children plus hostess and driver. The on-board systems are among the most advanced and interfaced with a ground operations center that allow the control and management of all data on the position and behavior of vehicles and on the passenger flow. In addition, the vehicles have been sanitized with a photocatalytic PURETI system that guarantees the reactivation of sanitation with the effect of sunlight and artificial light for a period of at least two years.


On the occasion of the first supply of the vehicles, Mauro Trotta, owner of the homonymous company, said: "We choose IVECO BUS for the quality and reliability of their products and services and because we have at our disposal the Romana Diesel structure, which has been following us since the beginning of our history and guarantees us a 360 ° partnership that goes far beyond the supply of vehicles".


All the school buses were purchased by the Trotta company as the winner of a part of the Roma Capitale tender which, specifically, rewarded putting vehicles on the road with low environmental impact.


Trotta is a historic multi-generational company in the passenger transport sector. Primary customer Romana Diesel and IVECO BUS with strong roots in the tourism sector. In the last decade, the brothers Mauro, Pino and Livio have launched an ambitious program of expansion and diversification of the fleet and services offered, becoming one of the references for TPL and national school transport.