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IVECO BUS and VIA sign Memorandum of Understanding to explore future collaboration

Turin, 13th July 2022


IVECO BUS and VIA announced today they have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to explore possible future collaborations in the development of tailored on-demand public transportation solutions and associated digital services for Buses.


The two companies share the view that the mobility ecosystem is evolving towards a highly digitalized and integrated multimodal system, and that on-demand transport has proven to be efficient in delivering results. The MoU is a first step for discussing the possibility of developing future mobility solutions – from demand-responsive transportation powered by alternative energies to autonomous public transport. Discussions will include solutions to make demand-responsive transport more easily accessible to Public Transport Authorities and Public Transport Operators through easy-to-deploy complete packages that integrate seamlessly into the pre-existing urban or rural transport system. IVECO BUS and VIA will also explore opportunities for autonomous on-demand shuttles.


This agreement is an important step towards IVECO BUS and VIA’s vision of the future of the mobility ecosystem, and the shared ambition to develop solutions that add value for operators and end users.