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Seat Upholstery Fabrics by Matěj

14-year-old Matěj Severely Affected by Asperger Syndrome Designs Seat Upholstery Fabrics for IVECO Buses

First buses with upholstery fabrics designed by Matěj Hošek have been manufactured in Iveco Czech Republic, a.s. for Central-Bohemian ČSAD public transport operator. These 14 Crossway Low Entry Line buses run on natural gas. The fabrics designed by Matěj were produced with support of ROPID, Regional Organizer of Prague Integrated Transport.


Vysoké Mýto, 5th March 2019


14-year-old Matěj Hošek has been suffering from a serious autism spectrum disorder from his birth and at the same time he has been exceptionally gifted with almost perfect memory and imagination. This Asperger Syndrome form causes him depressions and anxiety. Matěj alleviates his condition by drawing maps of public transport which he remembers thanks to his exceptional memory.


ROPID decided to ask Matěj Hošek to design new seats for public transport of the Central-Bohemian region. Thanks to the cooperation of Matěj Hošek with ROPID, the Central-Bohemian region will have buses with seats covered with drawings of public transport maps.



„Next clients for who we plan to manufacture buses with upholstery fabrics designed by Matěj Hošek are public transport operators OAD Kolín, ČSAD Kladno, ANEXIA Rakovník, or ARRIVA Central Bohemia. Over 60 vehicles with these fabrics will thus leave production lines of our company in 2019,“ says Jiří Vaněk, General Manager of Iveco Czech Republic, a.s.


TV Seznam with anchorwoman Anita Baselová from TV show #ZDAVUVEN decided to shoot this unique story right in the dispatch department of Iveco Czech Republic, a.s. Matěj, who came accompanied by his father, had no idea until the last time why TV Seznam was interviewing him. He saw the seats with motives designed by him for the very first time. He was surprised more than pleasantly and, to his satisfaction, the interview took place right inside the vehicle. After around two hours, Matěj Hošek parted with us and with his father he returned to Prague. You will be able to watch the interview with Matěj in TV show #ZDAVUVEN on online TV Seznam on 20th March.


Photographer: Zdeněk Bašuš, TV Seznam