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Connectivity: new world of services

IVECO BUS offers today new features to help customers to better operate their fleets

Hololens, fleet management, telediagnotics services and ITxPT are the latest innovations for the customers.


Brussels, 17th October 2019


IVECO BUS Mobility Experience affirms the brand’s innovative capacity and applies its expertise to improving the everyday lives of transport operators. As the industry is in continuous evolution, so is the mobility experience offered to the final customers today.


The brand is continuously introducing new services, leveraging the latest technologies to help transport operators work easily and efficiently, offering solutions that cover the whole cycle of IVECO BUS’ TCO model.





Increasingly committed to helping its customers better operate their fleets, IVECO BUS is broadening its range of services through a mixed reality project powered by Microsoft HoloLens. The goal is to streamline maintenance operations and enhance interactions with service experts to provide the best possible customer service while minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.


The HoloLens headset contains an entire computer equipped with an adapted version of Windows 10. Three processors are used: the first is the main CPU (Central Processing Unit), the second is a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit), and the third, called an HPU (Holographic Processing Unit), manages the spatial positioning of holograms, interfacing with the world around the HoloLens headset. Infrared cameras help the device further understand its surroundings, particularly in low-light conditions, while spatial audio speakers deliver a 360° sound experience that reflects the real-world positioning of the holograms. Voice command is also available through Microsoft’s digital assistant, Cortana. The headset weighs around 579 grams and offers a field of vision of around 30° by 17.5°.  


It also offers a clear advantage for remote assistance. Maintenance teams can stay in contact with IVECO BUS experts hands-free whilst working on the vehicle, for efficient and fast intervention, with supporting information sent within seconds. The operator can thus repair a vehicle while communicating with an expert located in a workshop, for example, who can consult all of the technical datasheets and appropriate methods and send them to the technician, who can view them on his “glasses”. The operator can also talk directly with the expert in real-time via Skype. The benefits for all the people involved (the manufacturer, dealers, etc.) are clear: increased efficiency and time savings. The main goal of the device is to minimize the vehicle’s downtime and make the service more efficient, improving productivity and business continuity.


Launched two years ago on Busworld, and after a complete year of testing by dedicated teams in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, IVECO BUS now extends this new “Expert Anywhere” service in several dealers in Italy, France, Spain, Denmark and Benelux, and will continue with the deployment to further markets.



Fleet management and telediagnotics services

IVECO BUS offers advanced connectivity for tailored fleet management services and telediagnostics. These services hinge on the support of an exclusive Control Room, which is in direct contact with our connected vehicles, providing real-time data that enables a proactive approach to support our customers. Officially launched at Busworld, this Control Room is specifically dedicated to passenger transport ranges and benefits from the experience acquired through the heavy-duty operations.

Fleet Management and Intellibus services rely on the real-time information provided to the Control Room to help customers to maximize the efficiency of their fleets and manage effectively their maintenance with remote diagnostics, preventative actions, efficient maintenance and service planning to maximise the vehicle’s uptime.

Fleet managers can also achieve significant reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions with features such as the regular fuel consumption reports they receive and the Driving Style Evaluation tool.

These fleet management services are quickly gaining popularity: it’s already more than 1200 vehicles connected to Intellibus, and this number is expected to double, reaching close to 3000 buses by the end of 2020.




As a founding member of the Information Technology for Public Transport (ITxPT) association and the first manufacturer to offer this solution, IVECO BUS is revolutionizing the industry by fitting its vehicles with unique "plug & play" architecture for onboard public transport equipment. This includes operating aids, information systems for passengers, destination signs, ticketing, route broadcasts, passenger metering, etc...


Thanks to this new standard, all the players involved will benefit from a simplified set of ITxPT-certified equipment sharing the same language over the same network, for easier and faster installation and after-sales service. Transport operators will also benefit from better integration and interoperability.


Today there are already 1000 vehicles equipped with this technology.