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Sustainable Bus of the Year 2020

IVECO BUS wins the ‘Sustainable Bus of the Year’ award for the third consecutive year

After winning the Sustainable Bus of the Year 2019 with its Crealis In-Motion-Charging, IVECO BUS retains the title in the interurban category with the Crossway Natural Power coach. After making history with the Crossway Low Entry Natural Power - voted "Sustainable Bus of the Year 2018" - at Busworld in 2017, this new award recognises IVECO BUS’s position as undisputed leader in the intercity segment and confirms its commitment to energy transition and alternative fuels.



Brussels, 18th October 2019



After winning the ‘Sustainable Bus of the Year 2019’ with its Crealis In-Motion-Charging, IVECO BUS continues its success with the ‘Sustainable Bus of the Year 2020’ award in the intercity category with its Crossway Natural Power coach. Unveiled last year at Autocar Expo, France, this vehicle’s benefits have already been recognized by public transport specialists.


Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in the transport industry and, as a leading brand in this field, IVECO BUS has now completed its range of natural-gas powered vehicles.


The Crossway Natural Power is equipped with the latest-generation IVECO CURSOR 9 NP engine and includes a clever design which integrates the compressed gas tanks into the roof. This exclusive, patented feature optimizes the vehicle's centre of gravity for greater on-road stability and increases comfort for the driver and passengers. The design also makes it the lowest vehicle on the market in terms of overall height, meaning that it can be operated without specific restrictions.


It provides the same accessibility, passenger capacity and luggage space as the diesel version. With a total capacity of 1,260 litres (four 315-liter tanks), the vehicle has a range of up to 600 km and is compatible with rapid or slow filling. The CURSOR 9 NP engine delivers 360 hp or 265 kW, the same as its diesel equivalent. The spacious interior has a minimum two-meter height and features hand luggage racks.


Available as 12- and 13-meter models, and in LINE and POP versions, the Crossway NP is the new alternative for Regions, Counties and Cities wishing to provide transport solutions which are fully compatible with energy transition projects. It is 100% compatible with biomethane and thus has an excellent carbon balance with a reduction in greenhouse gas production of up to 95%.


The jury of the ‘Sustainable Bus Award’, composed of seven representatives from European magazines – Autobus (Italy), Mobilités Magazine (France), Busfahrt (Germany), OV-Magazine (the Netherlands), InfoBus (Poland), Infotrucker (Romania), Carril Bus (Spain) – focuses on transverse sustainability principals, specifically the ability to establish a positive image of the vehicle with the public. Several aspects are taken into consideration, such as safety, comfort, noise levels, recyclability of components and the general sustainability commitment of the manufacturer. The verdict of the ‘Sustainable Bus Award’ jury also highlights the wide range of alternative solutions available for the intercity segment.


“ With this ‘Sustainable Bus of the Year 2020’ award, we are reaffirming our  position as segment leader with a mature, virtuous and eco-responsible well-to-wheel solution. By awarding the title to our Crossway Natural Power, the jury members have recognized its qualities and confirmed the choice of the many operators who have already selected this vehicle since its launch.” commented Stéphane Espinasse, IVECO BUS Brand Leader during the award ceremony held at Busworld, in Brussels, Belgium.