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Natural Power vehicles

a wave of sustainability for IVECO BUS

IVECO BUS will take part at Busworld show in Brussels, from October 18th to October 23rd. The brand will present its complete environmentally friendly offer – from city to intercity buses – which is already compliant with the new energy transition standards and will demonstrate its leadership and expertise in the field of alternative energies.


Brussels, 17th October 2019


IVECO BUS’ Natural Power line is a proven, environmentally-friendly mobility solution that runs on natural gas and biomethane. It allows the manufacturer to offer options that are better for the environment and public health. The range offers especially high performance in terms of pollutant and sound emissions reduction. With natural gas, fine particle emissions levels are reduced to nearly zero, and nitrogen oxide emissions are reduced by more than one third. The noise level is also reduced by half, offering exceptional operating silence for the driver, passengers and people nearby.


Natural Power vehicles are also respectful of natural resources, as they are fully compatible with biomethane, made from organic waste. IVECO BUS’ vehicles therefore have an excellent carbon footprint and represent a concrete step towards the energy transition. The environmental benefits translate to greenhouse gas reductions of up to 95%. 


With a complete range of natural gas buses, IVECO BUS guaranties a vehicle for all passenger transport needs: from Daily minibus – as a perfect range complement – to Urbanway and Crealis buses, for urban missions, and recently launched Crossway coaches – in low entry and standard version – for intercity and proximity tourism.


As European leader for more than 25 years, IVECO BUS once again confirms its leading position in the alternative fuels sector and offers a mature, virtuous and eco-friendly solution from well to wheel. Suited to all types of transport with a very positive economic balance, the Natural Power solution puts IVECO BUS’s expertise at the service of sustainable transport.